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Welcome Page

┈━════════════════════ RP Info ════════════════════━┈

The Emerald Oasis is a ragatg bumble of questionable directions kind of adventuerer's guild that dips into all manners of wild endeavors. From monster hunting to globe trotting, mercs for hire to artisan makers, while also maybe having some dabblings in more underground ventures. The skys the limit and then some. We walk a wide open path of freedom and comraderie. Meeting new faces, discovering new places, and making names for ourselves along the way. Every journey a memory to be shared. Every member a potential a new brother or sister in arms.

┈━════════════════════ FC Info ════════════════════━┈

The Emerald Oasis is a tight knit band of nerds just like you. Who have come together to enjoy the game for what it is and everything it has to offer. We mostly just want to come together and enjoy good company. Do whatever we feel like doing in the moment. Whether that be dungeons, raids, leveling, crafting, roleplay, or player events. Everything we do, we do at the request of members as a whole. Not one single person making all the decisions for the entire group

We actively welcome both new players and veterans alike. On top of allowing alt characters for members who stick around. As our hopes for this free company has always been from the very beginning to build a more compact but close community in which we can be there and help one another as casually as family with our varying degrees of knowledge, expertise, and interests we all have both in and out of game. This free company is and always will be based around this mentality. The concept of growing together not just as a group but as a family over time. Though we may not always agree with each other all the time. We will do our best to agree to disagree and move forward together. Continuing the good days to come and the times we all will share. This is the dream this free company carries. One we aim to achieve always.

With the backbone of The Emerald Oasis being that of treating each other like family. This also comes with the understanding of acceptance for all walks of life. No matter race, creed, sex, gender, religion, relationships, lifestyles, and so on. This free company will always maintain the concepts of acceptance, open minded thinking, and 100% honest transparency in order to create a home where everyone is free to be themselves in whatever capacity they feel is the most accurate and comfortable to their own image of themselves. We want to see those bright colors that make people who they are. As such it only makes sense to promote such habits by first making sure everyone is free to express themselves openly without fear. Provided of course it doesn't interfere with someone else's right to do the exact same. Safe, Sane, and Consensually

┈━════════════════════ Benefits ════════════════════━┈

Now that you know the backstory, here's some goodies to share. After finally securing a FC house in Shirogane. The Emerald Oasis has opened it's doors so that we might meet a few fellow spirits to adventure with and make our ever evolving house a welcoming home. Having built the foundations on the efforts of two devoted leaders and a few members who have moved on over time. We want to continue building this memory together and have our member's ideas be heard always. Creating a nest of chill vibes everyone can be proud and be fond of.

As for taking care of our members for their efforts. We run daily double actions that are voted on by everyone available. Making it fair to as many people as possible to have a say on what is most needed day to day. We have a well stocked free company chest. We encourage members to trade for whatever they take. Running by the take a coin, leave a coin rule so that all our members can benefit each other. On top of all this we have a few experienced members who are available through the day for anything you might need help with. Whether that be a question, concern, crafting, gearing, or even content. Whatever the need there's someone ready and willing to help.

┈━════════════════════ On behalf of The Oasis Family ════════════════════━┈

We hope you'll find something worthwhile and take a chance on us.
Come laugh, share, and grow with us as we venture the world and all it's splendors.
Thank You for your time

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