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[Mateus] Kenka no Yakkyoku Brawlpub


This event began 03/05/18 and repeats every 2 weeks on Sunday for 4 occurrences


玄花の薬局                                        Kenka no Yakkyoku

Eorzea is not wanting for combat arenas - the Wolves’ Den off the shores of Vylbrand, the Coliseum in the heart of Ul'dah; these are perhaps the most famous…

…yet for those interested in the pursuit of more unregulated combat, a tight packed room of bodies thirsting for blood to spill and bones to crack, beyond the gaze of the law, there is an underground club in the depths of the Black Shroud, housed beneath an old apothecary.


What: Brawling; Gambling; Socializing
When: Sunday, March 4th; 6pm PST / 9pm EST
Where: Thorn & Antler - Basement [ Lavender Beds W13 P11 ] Mateus
Prize: 50,000g per match

Register to fight here, or make sure that you show up early

Slots are limited


Have questions? Contact Shirojishi Gyokuro [ Gyokuro#6037 ], Furuya Rin [ Nikupan#7380 ],

or Ranmaru Tsukikage [ A pen#5413 ]


Kenka no Yakkyoku (lit. ‘Mysterious Flower Pharmacy’ or ‘Fight Pharmacy’) is an event inspired by similar events held on both Balmung and Mateus Servers of Final Fantasy XIV – a bi-weekly gathering of fighters, brawlers, and ne'er-do-wells to roll in the dirt and generally exact mayhem to the amusement of gathered spectators and gamblers. The fights held therein are considered no-holds-barred, and all that is outlawed is the usage of weapons and magic, and death. Combatants have been known to lose eyes and fingers, pride and dignity to the underground stage hidden beneath an unassuming apothecary in the depths of the Black Shroud…

While ultimately, the injuries taken by each combatant are up to the player, the outcome of each attack is decided by opposing rolls of /random; due to the structure of the event, no character sheets are required, making it easy for combatants who have never participated to jump in on the event. The /random element helps to ensure fair fights while still keeping things easy and accessible. Those who would rather not fight are encouraged to spectate, drink, drug, and place bets upon the outcomes. 



For those of you familiar with similar events, we use the common system of ‘first-to-three’ as used by events such as The Grindstone, The Mystic Runestone, and The Gin Mill.

  • Each combatant rolls for initiative – the command to roll is /random. The highest roll wins initiative and attacks first.
  • The attacking player writes their emote in /yellOnce they have posted, they roll the die – /random
  • The defending playing rolls their die to defend – /random. If the defender rolls higher than the attacker, they have successfully avoided the attack either in part or in full; a lower roll, however, means that the attack was successful. In the event of a tie, the roll is awarded to the defender. After determining the result, the defender then posts in /yell to show the effect of the attack, and levy their own in response.
  • The attacker and defender switch roles and repeat, starting with the attacker’s roll. The defender is now on the offensive and the attacker is defending.
  • The first person to win three contests wins the match; remember that it isn’t “first to three” in character. The losing character will be KO’d, submit, or tap out on their third loss as determined by the character’s player. We do this so as to keep fights relatively short.

This event makes heavy use of /random and /yell, and we encourage you to have these channels visible to fully enjoy the event.




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