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Little Ladies' Day Charity Ball & Banquet




Save the Date!


Crystal’s 4th annual Little Ladies’ Day Charity Ball & Banquet is coming soon! Sponsored by Sunsgerel Monsaran & the Midnight Pearl, this event features other FCs and players with a variety of games, vendors, performances and more! Stay tuned for more information!


  • When: Sunday March 1st, 2020. 5:00PM PST / 8:00PM EST 
  • Where: Amethyst Shallows, Ward 1, Balmung


If you’d like to vend your wares, perform, host games, or otherwise participate please message the blog, contact BumblingSeaBiscuit#5703 on Discord, join the server, or message Sunsgerel [email protected] in game! As always, we couldn’t do this without you and we’re excited to see all the fun and unique characters and free companies at this year’s LLD CBB. ♥

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