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[Public] Little Ladies' Day Charity Ball and Banquet



Shroudrose Teahouse will be selling teas and treats at the annual Little Ladies' Day Charity Ball and Banquet! Come RP with us or just enjoy the rest of the festivities!


You’re Invited!

To the fourth, annual “Little Ladies’ Day Charity Ball & Banquet!” All members of society are invited to an evening of mingling, entertainment, dinner, and auction. All proceeds are going to the Moonlight Reverie, Home for Children.

As always, we bring new and exciting ways to participate. Join us for the banquet, performances, games, and an exciting raffle with even more exciting prizes! Of course, we’re bringing back our scrumptious dessert auction featuring cultural cuisine sponsored by the Midnight Pearl. Our raffle features exquisite attire, cute companions, and even a once in a lifetime Pearl Appeal accessory! New games this turn reward one of a kind pink sapphire flowers upon your success!

Enclosed you’ll find more details on our auction, performances, games, vendors, and raffle. We look forward to seeing you at the Yainu-Par in the Lavender Beds, first ward!

Yours Truly,
The Production Team.


Save The Date ––– –  🌸

  • Annual
  • March 1st, Sunday
  • 5:00 PM PST // 8:00 PM EST
  • Lavender Beds, Amethyst Shallows, Ward 1
  • Balmung, Crystal Data Center

About The Event ––– –  🌸

Hello everyone! Crystal’s finest & the Midnight Pearl are teaming up to host the fourth annual Charity Ball & Banquet for Little Ladies’ Day! It will be taking place Sunday, March 1st, at 5:00 PM PST. We’re going to have games, a raffle, the banquet, and planned performances! You can find out about all those below. We look forward to seeing you there!

Festivities ––– –  🌸

  • Dance, Dance for Refuge! Do you fancy yourself a good dancer? Are you good at following instruction? Show off your moves or attention to detail by participating in this mix of dance moves and S’imon says! Join our instructor near the rock wall to be crowned King or Queen of the moves!
  • Sponsor an Orphan! As this is Little Ladies Day, it brings attention to the many children orphaned by the turmoils of living on Hydaelyn. Does your gil pouch feel a little heavy? Well now would be a time to sponsor an orphan! Receive a gift and a letter from your orphan! Join our advocate under the awning to subscribe today!
  • Shroudrose Teahouse! Selling one of a kind exquisite teas!
  • Come try out the Hingan game of otedama; jacks with azuki bean bags! This tradition is popular among girls and is passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. See if you can win your very own doll!
  • Come browse handmade toys, artworks and accessories, all in wood, at the Painted Peryton! FREE toys for children and parents in need– or if your tastes are expensive, commission an exclusive artwork carved just for you, with all proceeds going to the Moonlight Reverie!
  • Visit Uranami Onsen’s booth for our special limited bath items this Little Ladies’ Day! All of our stock come in three styles and can be purchased in sets for the little lady in your life!
  • The Ashen Enclave will be in attendance, offering a wide array of themed seasonal bouquets, corsages, and flower crowns - so every attendee can feel just a little more like the princesses they’ve always dreamed of being!

We also will have: performances, raffles, dessert auctions, and more. Please read the carrd for full details!

Final Notes ––– –  🌸

The carrd has a lot of details on it this year! Beyond further information about our activities it also has a handy map so you know where everyone is! We want to thank everyone who signed up to staff this year and you for attending! We look forward to seeing everyone there.



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