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[FC] Spotlight: Silf Silverwood





"Ugh, Gods! It's a fucking massacre!" the Ala Mhigan Officer cried out before holding a rag to his nose to cope with the stench of the rotten corpses before him. He swept the area darkened by the night with his gaze as his comrades flanked him from both sides. They, too, complained of the stench. Although it was hard to see, they couldn't help but notice the amount of fallen figures and blood splatters everywhere.

"Lantern, lantern!" the Officer barked. Upon command, the soldier to his left lifted up his lantern to brighten the area--an action he'd soon regret, as their complaints stopped the moment the lantern's flickering fire showed the true scene in front of him:

Dozens of dead Ananta, the snakewomen of Gyr Abania known for their fighting prowess, had their corpses decorating the entire area with no survivors in sight. Many of them had arrows pinned against their flesh, gashes and cuts aplenty from blades from an unknown enemy. Even the oliphants were given no refuge as they lied limp on their sides, showing no sign of life. But what made the Ala Mhigans vomit was the way they were displayed...

Every single of the Ananta hung upside down from nearby edges of the mountain walls and trees, coils made out of vines wrapped around their lower end with hands ever reaching for the ground. Some of them had their tails chopped off, some had their heads taken. Tusks of the proud eoliphants were cut down, as well.

"...Who the hell would do this?" one of the Ala Mhigan soldiers cried out, clearly horrified at the sight. Not even the Imperials could match this sort of cruelty. "We got to call this in, Sir...."


"Sir?" The Ala Mhigan soldier turned about, his eyes widening as both his fellow private and officer suddenly disappeared, the only trace of their existence being their dropped weapons. Shaking, he drew his weapon. The sword unsheathed as he pointed at the darkness in fear.

"Th-This isn't funny! Agnar!? M'nama!?" the Ala Mhigan slowly retreated, pointing his sword at his front as he backpedaled. This wasn't funny, certainly wasn't an experience he wanted. The Ala Mhigan begged Rhalgr for strength, pleading this to be a cruel joke pulled by his comrades.


Suddenly, a loud clang interrupts his thoughts. The Ala Mhigan swung his sword, pointing his blade at the source. An Ananta corpse stared back at him, the dead eyes of the snakewoman locked onto his. He let out a sigh of relief... then he froze...

Another set of eyes blinked behind the Ananta's eyes. The "corpse" slowly rose up, revealing that the dead Ananta's face was worn by another that clearly had two legs. With a terrified scream, the Ala Mhigan turned around to flee, but met another dead end. Men wearing the faces of of Sahagin, Lupin, and Hrothgar stared back at him. As they closed in on the boxed-in prey, the once quiet night echoed the man's dying words, his pleads for assistance unheard by his comrades far away.

The one who wore the Hrothgar's face turned West, the direction of his next prey. With a raise of his right hand, the hunters came out of the shadows, walking toward Gridania.

These were just practice. The real hunt would begin against their fellow Dalmascan native: Silf Silverwood.

Join for Silf Silverwood's Spotlight event on Thursday, January 7th at 8:00 PM EST on the Balmung server, hosted by Khuron Khan!

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