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[FC] Spotlight: Alyona Amariyo




"I don't feel good about this, Ser..." the Ala Mhigan officer stared at the paperwork awaiting the stamp of approval. He sighed as he looked over the contents of the request: an Imperial had an audacity to ask for a deal consisting of "singing like a canary" if given the right to have one dinner with a particular person and her friends.

"Dealing with Imperials? Especially a nutcase like that one? Are you sure it's wise, Ser? It's hard enough to trust an Imperial whoreson to uphold a deal, even harder to trust one that just murdered his own," the officer continued as he remembered the recent troubling report; an Imperial infiltrator broke into the gaols, and judging by the pathways he left open and the discovered chocobos for two, they assumed he was there break their prisoner out. Instead, the infiltrator was, for reasons still unknown, incapacitated by the same person he tried to rescue, tortured, then eventually executed with the prisoner still in his cell, despite a clear pathway to freedom. Even stranger? Whereas the prisoner was once silent and refused to leak any info despite all the methods employed, he promised to talk as long they fulfilled his "request."

"I don't like it either, son, but we have no choice," the superior responded, looking over the reports. "This monster was responsible for erasing anyone that even hinted being disloyal to the Empire in Ala Mhigo. He knows the fate of hundreds, and the family of those hundreds need to know peace. Not to mention, he can tell us valuable insights within their secret operations. If the price be just a dinner with his girl and friends? It's a small price compared to what I can think of..."

The Ala Mhigan officer sighed before nodding. He stamped down the paperwork request, approving it.

"We found out this 'Alyona' is in Gridinia. We'll reach out." The Ala Mhigan officer nodded once more before looking to a photo that the prisoner clutched so earnestly...


He clicked his tongue, frowning as the pink haired Miqo'te looked way too familiar. It seemed that judging by the prisoner's fond attachment, they were both familiar with the person of interest.

"Seven Hells, Mockingbird. Thought you were dead."

On Wednesday, January 20th at 8:00 PM EST, Khuron Khan will be holding a character spotlight event on the Balmung server for Alyona Amariyo!

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