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[FC] Search and Capture




To the interested trackers, hunters, and mercs of Shroudrose Teahouse:

The Mizuno family has been receiving some reports from Yanxia concerning the safety of our rice farmers. It seems a series of abductions of people and livestock have been happening, and we have reason to believe they are connected to an investigation we have been working on. With many leads at play that we have to chase with so little time at hand, for this time, we require aid for the successful and living capture of the culprit(s).

Appropriate compensation will be supplied upon delivery of the alive culprits, along with tea and snacks.

Kami guide your blade.

❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀

((OOC: Taking place on Wednesday, December 1st, we will begin gathering around 8:00 PM EST, then will commence around 8:30 PM EST. Party of 4-6 people. Freeform combat with occasional rolls; mostly an event to interact with people and environments, setting traps and strategizing. Please contact Ahva Phaedra (Roselynshade#6072) if you are interested!))


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