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[FC] Dreams & Nightmares



[ Sometime in the near future... ] 

"I've found you - "
"I've found you - "
"I've found you!"


Dreams in the Teahouse shift. White and golden tendrils invading the minds of those that sleep within - the whisper of an ominous and angelic voice echoing. And then the rattling begins. Of doors and windows, kitchen utensils, the tables and chairs in every room. Like an earthquake.

"I'm coming to see you. To hold you. We'll be together soon."

And then a glass-shattering shriek, throwing everybody out of pleasant but uncanny dreams, too perfect to be comfortable. Awake, into the eerily cold and shaking Teahouse.

Something was approaching. And it needs dealing with.

Join in for a combat RP involving Voidlike matters using Khan's rolling system taking place on Friday, April 22nd at 6:30 PM EDT at the teahouse and ARR locations, hosted by Samara Summerhall. All are welcome!

Edited by Faye

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