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[FC] Void Dreams



As sure as the sun sets, it wasn't long before strange dreams began to replague the Teahouse. A twisting tangent of extremes - from good to bad, bliss to nightmare. As occasionally sensations dulled or overstimulated. Foods too flavourful or bland. Liquids singing hot or stone cold. And not just for Teas - now even a few customers were beginning to complain about the dreams. More and more often rumours of the Teahouse's haunting were spreading. And this time... a common theme: all the dreams seemed to take place around water. Drowning in ocean beds, or looming before the shore of a mist covered sea. Even in dreams where it seemed it had no right to be the water flooded through, sometimes calm... and sometimes violent. Perhaps it was getting to a point where something must be done.

On Monday, May 23rd starting at 6:30 PM EDT, Samara Summerall is hosting a continuation of her last two events, but all are welcome if they want to dive into a world of dreams for some voidy adventures centered around her character and what ideals and bargains led up to this point. Please contact her if you are interested.

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