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Vikohla is a huge fan of detective stories and this outfit is essentially an IC cosplay of one of her favorite characters, Mayble The Marvelous Mage! In an effort to guide her mind towards scientific pursuits her parents often bought her detective stories as a birthday present or surprise treat. Most of the stories involved problems being solved using the scientific method, but one of them happened to be a cross-over between an engineer and Mayble the mage. Vikohla was immediately drawn to the Mayble character and pleaded for, or purchased, all of her stories over the following years.


There's been some heated debate among fans as to what type of mage Mayble was and the author never clarified despite the serial running for 33 issues over 8 years. Vikohla holds to the fan theory that Mayble practiced a fictional style of magic which focused on distracting, confounding and debilitating her opponents while also transferring any advantageous spells they had to herself*. This theory refers to Mayble as being a “Purple Mage”.


(*This job description is inspired by the Mesmer class of the Guild Wars series.)

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