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Joribri Gaki

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These garment variations are both a mockery of modern samurai conventions and indicative of Joribir's knowledge of old Hingashi fables. Each variation represents a character from a poem titled "The Four Favored Samurai." In addition to this Joribri has put her own spin on the themes of the story by assigning important elements of Geomancy and Ninjutsu to each character.


When offered a great boon by their Shogun the black robed samurai, whose fascination was the earth, asked for head armor to protect the brain from the dangers of the mountains.


The blue robed samurai, whose fascination was the air, asked for a mask to protect against the fierce winds brought about by the cold open sea.


The red robed samurai, whose fascination was fire, asked for special gloves which would allow the wearer to work the forge and campfires without being bothered by the heat.


The green pink robed samurai, whose fascination was the forest, asked for the strength to adapt to nature and live in harmony with it. This samurai was counted as the wisest for desiring to change and grow rather than be shielded and spoiled.

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