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Joribri Progression

Joribri's earliest martial training included variations of monk fighting techniques. Before long she was introduced to Geomancy as a way of soothing her anger towards a class system which placed her beneath the heel of society.


When her adopted caretakers were slaughtered during the first Garlean invasion of Doma she was taken in by the subset of a shinobi clan who were nameless and secretive even by ninja standards.


Joribri has the tools to become a true hero but she's mired in deep-seeded hatred, particularly towards the Garleans. Growing up with the indoctrination of her shadow clan hasn't helped as she seems almost doomed to fight an old war when the rest of the world has moved on. 


Who she ultimately becomes will be greatly influenced by the RP characters she interacts with. Will she evolve towards a more noble path or will she become as villainous as the Garleans she despises?

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