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Joribri is very proud of her heritage and although she looks down on most modern samurai clans, especially those rooted in Hingashi, even she has a few personal samurai heroes from ancient history.


Though much of Joribri's family history is shrouded in mystery it's possible she's descended from a tribe of Ala Mhigo who, much like the Red Mages, refused to part with their knowledge of magic despite the winds of change. They disguised their forbidden arts in a hybrid monk style named Spirit Monk but ultimately even this was persecuted and they were forced to flee to the far east. 


When Joribri first arrived in Eorzea she took the easy path of dressing in the same manner as Doman refugees. She offered some gathering items for trade and  minor healing assistance to get by. 


Although she's unfortunately gone far afield from the path her Geomancer caretakers tried to guide her towards Joribri still practices the art of Geomancy. She even attempted to honor them by incorporating their spell-weaving into her shinobi techniques resulting in geojutsu, though local villagers who viewed this as a perversion of Geomancy referred to it as akunojutsu or "evil practice". 

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