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  3. New Player - What RP server to join?

    There are some EU players on Mateus, as we have a few in the Free Company I'm an officer of and I know I see a few on the Discord servers as well. Hopefully things do work out for you and some other EU players can get in touch with you to give you a hand.
  4. Just show up though the Calander Bot for Discord has the time wrong but will fix that.
  5. Hello, hello! I am looking to make friends and gather contacts for Cori, my Keeper of the Moon Mi'qote thief. She is rather young, in her late teens and creeping in to the early years of adulthood. Like many of her kind, she grew up in the deep woods of Gridania but has always been fascinated with the world outside of the Shroud and ventured off on her own to see the sights and do the things not too long ago. She has a knack for getting in to trouble and a fascination for stealing things. I'd describe her as starry-eyed, witty, sarcastic and full of fire, but also young and impressionable and has a lot to learn about the world. As for what she could be involved in: - adventure -crime - anything else, really! Cori is more or less a blank slate at this point and could go in any direction, depending on the kinds of friends she makes. This could be the start of her journey as one of Eorzea's most famous and respected adventurers, or one of its most infamous and feared criminals or thieves! It all depends on you and the direction you all push her in. One side note, since I know romance is a big draw in any RP for many people: I will not jump in to a romance right away under any circumstances. Anything that happens in that vein will happen naturally. No exceptions. Cori is also gay, so there's that. If you'd like to do something, anything, just comment below, message me on site, or on Discord at Wolfsblood#8541. Thanks!
  6. [*] Gansukh's Day!

    Gansukh's IC Nameday! Celebrate!
  7. Raven's & Wine Group Shots

  8. Albino Xaela?

    To be fair though, there seem to be some albino creatures here and there, so I would venture to say it's possible. We just haven't seen it in the spoken races, that I know of. Doesn't mean it can't happen. https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Albino_Octopus
  9. Roo's Doodles 2.0

    Did one of them there expression sheets and this one managed to come out decent. Poor Roo....
  10. Yesterday
  11. Balmung heal sloot looking for rps/friends/fc

    Always nice to have more friends, especially ones that can keep me alive when I fail to run away bravely from bad engagements.
  12. New Player - What RP server to join?

    It was closed again after the last maintenance, iirc. It's now listed as a congested server again.
  13. Albino Xaela?

    There's not really any lore on this that I'm aware of. Albinism doesn't seem to be a thing in FFXIV--white hair, fair skin, and blue/violet/pink/red eyes all seem to be fairly normal, don't seem to come with the accompanying side effects of albinism (such as sensitivity to the sun, blindness, etc.) or at the very least, are not treated any differently or remarked upon. I'm sure a Xaela with white scales, though, would be a point of confusion and perhaps some controversy IC. Feel free to come up with any headcanons you enjoy!
  14. Describe your backstory in the worst way!

    Kiyoh Nhodi: Murdered family and sold into slavery. Runs away and becomes murderer for vengeance and overly nervous bride-to-be catte that wants kids.
  15. "The Silver Eagles" is recruiting!

    The Silver Eagles is a RP focused Free Company looking to expand our ranks with new members to become friends with! IC it's an adventuring organization, and OOC we are a group of players looking to have fun and enjoy all the game's content, new and old. The community was formed back in February of 2006 on Guild Wars. We've got a site, discord, over a dozen weekly events planned, and anything else that you can think of. If that interests you, send me a /tell or apply! IGN is Kiyoh Nhodi. You can also reach me on Discord at Sleepypanda57#1197 Site- https://tseff14.guildlaunch.com Server- Balmung IGN- Kiyoh Nhodi Guild name- The Silver Eagles
  16. New Player - What RP server to join?

    I do believe that Balmung is currently open again, unless it has since closed once more. I see lots of new characters on it still though, so it may still be open again :3
  17. Hello from Aima

    Hello! I'm a fantasia addict from the Chaos Datacenter that has felt the want to roleplay some as of late! So I thought I'd introduce myself and see where it goes! Anyone on Lich? Interested in roleplaying? Feel free to hit me up, I am very interested. I am with a lovely Free Company right now, but would want to make new friends, and meet people! Anyone else on Lich? Interested, do tell c:
  18. Albino Xaela?

    Was playing around with character creator and made a raen version of my xaela. It kind of got me wondering-how common are albino xaela? How are they treated? With how they're apparently proud of their scales, would it be seen as an ill omen? Bad luck? ...yeah if it isn't obvious i actually really like the alternate appearance of my character
  19. [Mateus] The Jeweled Cypress

    In short, The Jeweled Cypress is a bi-weekly tavern night hosted by the Chimera organization in an attempt to gain further clients and / or employees. It is held every other Sunday at 7PM EST on the bottom floor of our Free Company Estate located at the address above and further information is updated on our event thread as linked below. ♥ For more information, click here!
  20. Thanks Mateus for a wonderful turnout when last we opened! We'll be open again on March 25 at 7PM EST to serve you. We look forward to meeting with you!
  21. Do we simply show up or should we RSVP?
  22. Hello, I am a level 70 scholar and white mage in meta and working on 57 astrologian. Trying to find friends and set up my character. I do all kinds of roleplays and have tons of free time since school is currently out.
  23. LF Forum RP with you!

    Still available here!
  24. Viera - Yey, Nay?

    As someone who considered doing the same thing in the past, I'd say it really depends. Most of the other posters made a good point, the same reason I decided against RPing as a Viera at this point in time: The FFXIV lore is very different from that of FFXII or Tactics. IF we get Viera, then there is a very good chance that the lore will be something we didn't even dream of, and your character would suddenly be in a bind, having to explain why their culture and mannerisms are different from that of their brethren. ...sistren? ... Their people. The option is always there to play a viera who has memory loss, as Tregarde suggested, however (for me at least) that somewhat defeats the purpose. If it were a playable race and you really just liked the body but not the culture, that's one thing, but you can't have the body, nor the culture, so at that point you'd just be playing a fairly vanilla character with ears from the gold saucer (if you go that route). If your friend is of the type that is okay with maybe hiding her character's race (hooded cloaks, hats, etc) to all but close RP friends who have been screened ahead of time as being okay with it and with whatever retcons she will likely have to do at some point, then I strongly suggest going for it, because what are we doing as RPers if we're not trying to be creative and have fun? If, however, she's the type that would rather not risk getting into lore arguments with people, it's probably not a good idea, as it would cause undue stress. As for me, I'm trying to leave my character an out so that when/if we do get Viera down the line, I can race change with very little problems or retconning. Fingers crossed! That being said, if you were on Mateus, I'd be happy to try RPing with your friend's Viera Good luck!
  25. Viera - Yey, Nay?

    I have no problem with people RPing a race that is normally not available to players if they do it well. If a game has illusions or costumes to really make the player look like the race, that just makes it even better. For RP, there's no reason why we should be confined to only what we can pull up at the character creation screen. That being said... as others have pointed out, Viera do not yet exist in FF14 in any form. Playing as one now runs a risk of lore contradictions later if they are ever implemented (even if only as NPCs). This doesn't mean anyone shouldn't RP a Viera, but if you do you should have a good story behind the character to explain why they are in Eorzea. Perhaps something happened when the character was a young child, causing separation from their family and they don't remember anything about their origins. Perhaps only survivor on a ship caught in a storm? Taken by slavers? The search for information about their race and where they came from could even be part of the character.
  26. Hello!

    Hiiieeee If you're on Mateus and see a Tregarde running around (three to chose from!), feel free to strike up conversation, bump into her, or whatever. Don't worry, they won't bite. Well... Katarina and Moire won't bite. Luludja may, but only upon request.
  27. Welcome, new pearls!

    Welcome to our next newest member, Domog Hotgo! <3~
  28. Viera - Yey, Nay?

    So far Viera are not only not a playable race, they are not in the game at all, and will most likely never be. They have been considered as a playable race, yes, but that was a long time ago and nothing further has been said about it. People playing currently non-playable races such as goblins, or sylphs, or other beastmen - that is one thing. Not my cup of tea, but I don't see it as a problem. People playing non-existing races is another thing. You can't do any research on them, since we don't have any information about them. Even if it is a race which exists in another FF game, it would most likely not be the same if it ever was added to FF14.
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