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Are we back?

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Was just searching for this site on a whim. I understand it shut down there for a while. I'm now on Famfrit as Aran Bunansa, but it'd be great to reconnect with some folks from here--especially Crisiet Liautroix, my elfbro, and Lottie Forsaidh. Hit me up, guys. So many fond memories of this place. :)

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No, the site is not back. I'm...not sure how you made it through the login-blocker, as that's supposed to deny all connections outside of a whitelist of exceptions.

While I'm running it off some hardware I have available, there are no backups or redundancy and when things break, I just roll back to the last final backup of the production site I had. (This thread will be archived when I sort out how things even got this far)

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