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  1. Darker you say? Lheott is a rather dark character of mine. His website is http://lheott.weebly.com/ if you wish to browse. Also his magitek gear and equipment Here. Message me or poke me if you are interested! We can discuss plots and ideas if you wish!
  2. Oh ho! This is right up Lheott's alley! I have a website that is dedicated to his profile and his work. Magitek gear: http://lheott.weebly.com/malignity-in-metal-selection.html About Lheott: http://lheott.weebly.com/about-lheott.html And anything in between! Contact or message me if you are interested and we can plot something of a meeting between the two :>.
  3. [align=center]Redone some of the Website so UPDATE! More added to it and the prices for items and contracts! Please take your time and explore along the site and pages that are offered![/align] [align=center]♥ http://zuikoniwa.weebly.com/ ♥[/align]
  4. I can shove Lheott your way. Here is his website if you are interested: http://lheott.weebly.com/
  5. [align=center]Hi again![/align] [align=center]This time I have another character named Zuiko Niwa that has his own business called 'Hydaelyn's Embrace'.[/align] [align=center]-Mostly detailed in gardening practice, massages, yoga, along with nature-like creations inspired by the pagan religion and mother earth.-[/align] [align=center]If anyone is interested send me a message ingame on Zuiko Niwa/Lheott Dragmyr, on this website, or buddy me on discord at Twili Z#7146.[/align] [align=center]♥ http://zuikoniwa.weebly.com/ ♥[/align]
  6. ♥ Website is Up! ♥ http://lheott.weebly.com/ Contact me if you wish to discuss any role-playing ideas! To villainous acts to business deals!
  7. Oh, darn--Twili Z#7146 Forgot the 'Z' was capitalized! My apologies! But sure I will add you!
  8. Oh! Goodness, that would be swell! Maybe we can meet ingame if you wish sometime and plan out a meeting between our characters! I would like that.~ I am normally on the game everyday and during the night--But it would be better to contact me through discord to know when we could settle for a time. Kinda a random happening if not planned out. But yes! Thank you for the feedback ! I would love to meet the coven FC if you want, you guys sound right up my alley. Though Lheott is a lawful/chaotic evil type of guy (he can switch depending on the scene and unfolding events) He will follow some
  9. Hello!~ Hi everyone! I am currently and slowly working my way into the role-playing community within Balmung and wanted to see if anyone interested in gaining connections with a villain base character or needs someone to help move a plot forward or make one. A build for one if interest in a sense. Currently I have my main character Lheott Dragmyr as my villain that has a front business of being a magitek builder as well as makes augments for those without limbs or eyes. Aside from that, he also runs an underground black marketing of human trafficking. If there is any interest i
  10. Yes! I would love a linkshell! Lheott Dragmyr / Eorril Dragmyr for that please :>
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