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  1. [[ We're down to looking for those last couple of excellent companions to fill out our roster and bring the business to life! This is our last open recruitment period for the year - and possibly for the future! ]]
  2. [[ Very gentle bump to note that we're filling quickly on house staff, but we're still looking for security and companions of both sexual and non-sexual type. Please don't be afraid to speak to me if you have any questions! I'm happy to answer them. Also, how'd this thread get so many views? Color me surprised! ]]
  3. [[ Gently bumping this to announce that we are open for new applicants once more! You can find out more and find the application on our special Carrd just for this. We look forward to meeting you! ]]
  4. ♥ Coffee & Tease - Lingerie Cafe ♥ Balmung - Ward 8, Plot 21 - 3PM Pacific This event is for adults only, as it is on the grounds of a brothel. We ask that guests respect our in-house rules; no nudity, no sexual misconduct, and no sexual behavior in party or whisper chat, as we don’t wish to have an accidental mistell happen! Please respect that this is a role-play event held at a role-play venue – our members are not all sex workers in-character, and are most certainly not to be approached as such out-of-character!
  5. [[ Our applications are now closed. We will be hosting one more open application session in the future, and from then on the only way to join the FC will be to have been an active enough presence that a current member is willing to sponsor you. Our focus right now is getting our events out on a regular schedule, and we look forward to seeing those of you interested! ]]
  6. [[ Our applications will be closing again at the end of November and will not be opening again until after the new year. If you're interested, now is a good time to see if we're a good fit for you and your character(s)! ]]
  7. [[ We are once again open for applications! We look forward to seeing you! You can find our information on our Carrd. ]]
  8. [[ The Red Lantern Society will be closed to new applicants from June 28th - August 1st. As we close up the end of the first arc of one of our members and it heralds the start of new trials and tribulations for the business, we want to give our newest members and prospects the opportunity to integrate into the community and familiarize themselves with how we work while everyone enjoys the expansion content at their leisure and without stress. If you wish to apply, it is best that you do so now so we can get you in during this final period! Recruitment will begin again during the fi
  9. [[ Our first event is in June! We're still recruiting, but are particularly picky about our female companions and in-house security. You can still apply for both of these, but you may be set as a Freelancer at first! You can apply any time at https://rls-ffxiv.enjin.com/recruitment ]]
  10. [[ It has been a few months, and I had a few contacting me asking if we were still open. We are! ]]
  11. I'm sure that title is enough to raise a few brows to those who weren't here for my last LFRP almost two years ago, so let me simply dive into the good bits and leave the rest for later on in the post, hmm? Tsukiko Tanshi is a Far Eastern Exile who has been traveling Eorzea and has successfully made her way with her charm and body as a prostitute, and with her nimble fingers as a thief. One of these is rather lesser known than the other, simply because Tsukiko shows no shame at all in being one of the many who makes her living on her back -- or, of course, however the client desire
  12. The Bordello, within and without.
  13. Red Lantern Society is opening it’s doors to players looking to explore content built by adults for adults. A delicate name inspired by the hanging crimson lanterns of Kugane’s own pleasure houses and districts, the Red Lantern Bordello serves as the focal point for the Society’s business – a brothel nestled in the quiet Lavender Beds, featuring breathtaking views both within and without. Founded and managed by Tsukiko Tanshi, an exile from the Far East who entered into the profession as a means of making sure both she and her father would never need to risk themselves in their ref
  14. [ We hosted our first event earlier this month, and it went over rather well! As something of a soft run, there's very little I'm going to be looking at changing. We are still recruiting, so feel free to drop in if you're interested! ]
  15. [ Oh my goodness! Thank you so much to everyone who turned up! The small gathering was rather perfect for the first run trial of our hunt, and I look forward to refining it and continuing it's use for further events! I was also quite pleased with the hilarity of the bobbing for apples, and I know that was well-received, as well. Congratulations to our first title winners: Tilala Tila, the Clever; Isolde Hawke, the Elusive; and Torzivir Caravelle, the Cunning. Tilala and Torzivir walked away with 500k, Isolde with 250k, and all three gained entry into the Grand Hunt. I
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