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  1. [[ Our applications will be closing again at the end of November and will not be opening again until after the new year. If you're interested, now is a good time to see if we're a good fit for you and your character(s)! ]]
  2. [[ We are once again open for applications! We look forward to seeing you! You can find our information on our Carrd. ]]
  3. [[ The Red Lantern Society will be closed to new applicants from June 28th - August 1st. As we close up the end of the first arc of one of our members and it heralds the start of new trials and tribulations for the business, we want to give our newest members and prospects the opportunity to integrate into the community and familiarize themselves with how we work while everyone enjoys the expansion content at their leisure and without stress. If you wish to apply, it is best that you do so now so we can get you in during this final period! Recruitment will begin again during the first week of August, while our community events will follow sometime in the month. While we will not be hosting public events during July, we are still welcoming of drop-ins and those who just wish to chill out with our community, and it's a great way to get to know us before applying! Happy hunting during the expansion! You can find a wealth of information about us on our Carrd and our application is here. ]]
  4. [[ Our first event is in June! We're still recruiting, but are particularly picky about our female companions and in-house security. You can still apply for both of these, but you may be set as a Freelancer at first! You can apply any time at https://rls-ffxiv.enjin.com/recruitment ]]
  5. [[ It has been a few months, and I had a few contacting me asking if we were still open. We are! ]]
  6. I'm sure that title is enough to raise a few brows to those who weren't here for my last LFRP almost two years ago, so let me simply dive into the good bits and leave the rest for later on in the post, hmm? Tsukiko Tanshi is a Far Eastern Exile who has been traveling Eorzea and has successfully made her way with her charm and body as a prostitute, and with her nimble fingers as a thief. One of these is rather lesser known than the other, simply because Tsukiko shows no shame at all in being one of the many who makes her living on her back -- or, of course, however the client desires. After a series of good fortunes and generous investors caught wind of her efforts, the young woman has managed not only to accumulate the wealth needed to purchase a plot of land for her dream business, but has recently finished all the necessary paperwork and permits that are necessary for running her business. The docks and alleys that she was once so commonly found in have been bare of her of late as she attempts to transition from dangerous streets to the safety of the business, and offer those who need equally safe harbor the opportunity to find it while providing much more personal entertainment to those who have particular needs. While originally quite open and friendly, the long hours of fighting politics and chasing off those who would waste her time has shortened her temper, and the piles of paperwork that her associates find her poring over have set a good deal of weariness into young bones. Still, she finds time for a smile and a cup of tea before the desk calls her back to business, and for those that she considers a friend or those in need of support, she is fiercely loyal and genuinely helpful. She still enjoys attention, pretty things, the arts and sciences, sunrises, and falcons. She dislikes strong cheeses, prefers rain to snow, and has little respect for those who assume without due cause. Tsukiko is seeking: Clients: The obvious one, and the one to simply get out of the way. Sexual escapades with Tsukiko do cost in-game gil, though her price is quite low - she's more a back-alley girl than a high-class courtesan, but she works as hard, if not harder, than the latter. I do not charge for faded or boot scenes, and I ask that those who may not find the practice of paying for smut appealing to restrain themselves from talking about it in this thread. Let the horse rest, please. Competition: With the brothel now open, I'm looking for the Tilly Devine to my Kate Leigh, or other friendly competition. I'm not interested in interactions that negatively harm others, like making friends and company members choose between businesses and/or friendships. I'm looking for playful hijinxs and antics that employ silly creativity that everyone can enjoy and foster amusement with a tinge of competition. Expect mini-events where an office might be festooned with racy objects just before an important meeting, or co-op competition events between FC's/groups where the losing team might have to wear something new as their uniform for a week. The possibilities are endless! Co-Workers/Freelancers: If you play a street-worker, you've probably heard of Tsukiko or her efforts along the grapevine. You're absolutely not required to join the FC to find employment with her, a single meeting and some in-depth talking is enough to get your name on the freelance roster for virtually any type of job. Does your character need a place to stay while they get their feet underneath them again? She has employment opportunities for them, too! The Corrupt: Do you play someone a little underhanded? Someone who walks on the dark side, even if they hold a fancy-pants 'good' job or title? Tsukiko has experience with people who deal in the shadows and knows the power that silence can bring. If you need someone who isn't afraid to do something for the right price, Tsukiko may be your gal. Alternatively, it's also perfectly acceptable to just have a clever piece of arm-candy who asks no questions and tells no secrets. Past Life: Tsukiko's true reason for exiling herself from the Far East is not well known, but she did leave behind a healthy family tree and a few very treasured friends. Now that she feels that she has put down decent roots, she'd be more than happy to run into those who remember the pale little caged bird that was the daughter of a popular songstress and reconnect with those she once knew. That said, not all reconnections need to be... good. There is a bounty on her head, but the Tanshi family secrets are as deep as they are dark, and who knows what might come to the surface when the right buttons are pushed? Healers/Medics/Therapists: This young lady does tend to get into trouble, but she has had some encounters that have shaken her foundations and she could use a safe and unbiased voice in her life to help guide her. Her previous guiding voice was her father, and in his absence she has begun to feel as though she is drowning. A lifetime of trusting no one but herself and her father has shown a considerably large gap in her ability to form long-lasting ties, and as she adjusts from a life on the run to a more stable one, she's showing some dysfunctional habits that she could benefit from having identified and talking through. Enemies: She has done some shady work and there's no doubt a client or two out there who has found something lifted after an energetic romp. I'm open to people having a more antagonistic role in Tsukiko's life, provided there is proper communication beforehand. You should definitely check out my rules below if this is something you're looking for. Tsukiko's Player is Seeking: Long-Term Contacts: While I know that Tsukiko's character at her core makes it really easy for short-term interactions, I really prefer to make long-term connections that engage characters on a more stimulating level than just, 'someone's feeling randy.' We don't have to play every day; in fact, we don't even have to talk every day! I just enjoy building things up for the enjoyment of everyone involved, and prefer to play with people who share that same passion. It's absolutely okay to approach if you just want Tsukiko to be a side-character, I'm open to that as well. Patience, Understanding, Communication: Tsukiko's Free Company is my highest priority, and if there's something that needs to be done with it, I'm going to be handling that. This means that there may be days that I'm simply not available for in-game play, or just may not be in the mood for it. I do not expect you to be perfect, as I certainly am not, but I do expect an effort to be made. I don't want to hear that you're uncomfortable with a line and have been for some time when we've been playing the line for a while, I don't want to be attacked at some point by a partner OOC who isn't comfortable with the themes we play. If you have limits, I need to know them. Anything that could cause a hiccup or bad feelings needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and not when things are caving in. Slow Burn: I'm not against romance for this character, but I prefer it be very slow burn. Tsukiko has zero experience with romantic feelings and didn't grow up with the most orthodox family. Her job is her life and it demands a lot of patience and I expect a lot of pitfalls before anything close to stability is in sight. Hot and heavy romances are fine, whirlwind romances are great, but anything lasting is going to have a high degree of work put into it on an in-character level. I really don't have any goals with this one, mostly everything will have to be discovered on the fly and discussed when that happens. Variety: I don't enjoy doing the same thing for long periods of time, and will sometimes rotate my attention depending on this. I am vastly more interested in forming connections with people who are okay setting aside role-play for a weekend to just dig into other content, and there's a special place in my heart for those who are unafraid of participating in group activities and prefer them over one-on-one interactions. I will struggle to maintain interest if we're doing the same thing every time we meet, and you should be okay with being told that I'm burned out on something. I'll always invite you along on other things that I do whenever possible! The Player's Dealbreakers: Dependence: I'm not interested in being the sole source of entertainment for you. I am not going to be online every day, I'm not likely going to be in contact every day. I don't like feeling responsible for someone like one might feel responsible for a high maintenance pet, and I'll be very clear when this situation starts to become clear that it's unwanted and needs to be rectified, or we'll be going our separate ways. You absolutely need to be able to entertain yourself and progress your character without my constant presence, because I can promise you I will not be a constant. Controlling: The only person you control is yourself. I don't care how much you don't like someone, you don't get to tell me that I can't interact with them. I don't want to hear the sordid gossip, I don't want you to tell me what horrible thing they did to you, I'm not playing that game. The moment you try to tell me who I can talk to or what I can do, I'll excuse myself from your life likely far more politely than you deserve. Don't do it, it's not cool. Please do inform me if you're uncomfortable if the need arises. I don't need to know who or what is making you uncomfortable, I don't need to know why. I have no problem moving us elsewhere if necessary, and if I need the same thing I will inform you. I don't want details, and I'm not going to give them. Don't try to mother me, either. I can think for myself and speak for myself. Don't speak for me to others, especially if I'm not present. Lack of Honesty: I'm very strict about being honest about things, specifically when they are things that could hurt others. When it comes to potential interactions with people I'm not familiar with or will have little contact with, I need to know that things have been discussed. I will take you at your word when it comes to this, but if I learn that you weren't honest about it and someone was hurt because you didn't communicate properly, that will be the end of it. I have no interest in being the accidental axe to a friendship or relationship, and no interest in being yelled at by someone who thinks I was a willing participant in hurting them. I'm not, don't put me in that position. Tantrums: We won't always get along. We might have different views on something, we may want different things. I am not a confrontational person by nature and if I feel that I'm getting a little too emotional, I will ask that we set whatever it is down and come back to it later when we've had some time to cool. If I discover this is impossible because you've removed me from contact lists in the heat of the moment, then that is where our contact ends. I will take that as you lacking the desire to continue interaction with me, and that will be the end of it. I will not chase you, I will not message you again, and there's a very high chance that if you approach me to talk about it later, I'll politely decline and wish you the best in your search. tl;dr: I expect those who I interact with to behave like the adults they should be. If this becomes an issue at any point in time, I will remove myself from the situation after explaining why I am doing so very clearly. I expect to be treated fairly and respectfully, and I will give you the same thing in return without qualms. We're all here to have fun, and I will do my best to keep that going so long as I know that the environment is still good for it. While I'm sure these deal breakers make me sound a bit uptight, I'm actually very easy to get along with and just prefer to be upfront about the speedbumps. Other Information/Contact Information: You can contact me on Discord by adding: Tsukiko Tanshi#9604. Please, do not rely on leaving me a message in-game unless it's very clear that I'm actually there. I frequently step away and leave myself logged in and my connection drops quite often so I won't get those messages reliably! You can also message me here, and I'll be happy to discuss potential play with you. As something of an aside, please don't message me with just one line asking if I'm interested in playing with you. This entire advertisement is me looking for contacts and I've thrown up a lot of hooks and the answer is that yes, I obviously do want to play with you! Instead, come with a little blurb about your character and how you think we might work together. You don't have to overload me with information, and you absolutely don't have to drop your entire character right there, I just want to see that you at least have an idea of where you want to go, which is something I can work with! I look forward to creating with you!
  7. Tsukiko Tanshi

    The Bordello

    The Bordello, within and without.
  8. Red Lantern Society is tentatively opening it’s doors to players looking to explore content built by adults for adults. A delicate name inspired by the hanging crimson lanterns of Kugane’s own pleasure houses and districts, the Red Lantern Bordello serves as the focal point for the Society’s business – a brothel nestled in the quiet Lavender Beds, featuring breathtaking views both within and without. Founded and managed by Tsukiko Tanshi, an exile from the Far East who entered into the profession as a means of making sure both she and her father would never need to risk themselves in their refugee status, the business is built two-fold; to allow prostitutes, companions, and other variations of erotic workers or those who dabble in the business a place where they can work safely and without threat to their person, and giving those who have no place to go but offer skills that can support the brothel under the Silver Lotus Rehabilitation Clinic. Our desire as a free company is to add to the community in a positive manner; we’re adult-focused and aware of the stigma that comes with that, but we wish to bring together creative players and characters who are interested in not just participating in a brothel and rehabilitation atmosphere, but also engage with the community as a whole. We want to network, entertain, adventure, and just generally enjoy ourselves while maintaining high-quality interactions that leave those who choose to interact with us feeling comfortable about returning, and bringing friends. We are not an entertainment company in the grandest sense of the term. While we might hire a performer to entertain for a private party, we do not encourage the application of those who absolutely need a stage to stand on. We’re not a theater troop, we’re not a cabaret, we’re not a discotheque. Our entertainment comes in the form of quiet and intimate lounge nights where patrons can enjoy the company of those who work in the brothel, loaning out staff and services to other free companies who might need some extra hands for an event they’re running, exclusive and playful events where all business members can enjoy a night off while getting to know one another, and more – on top of the obvious. We’re small, and wish to remain such. We do not encourage the application of those who are looking for constant activity online – while we’re still figuring out just how many we want our ‘small’ to be, chances are that we will experience content and activity lulls harder than other free companies because we’re aiming for high quality over high quantity. We’re not looking for dramatics, and we are firm that our members are expected to maintain a positive face in the community, both in-game and on any media related to it. We’re adults entertaining adults, and expect all involved to behave as such. We’re currently looking for: ✓ Employees of all types - the dual aspect of the free company is intentional, as the business is built to be able to support itself while offering characters the opportunity to develop their own skills. Is your character someone who lost their job and needs a place to get some funds between work? A trader who knows how to find a good deal? A craftsman who needs a purpose? A mercenary who wouldn’t mind a stable bed and a good meal in exchange for keeping a few workers safe while they go about their duties? Get in touch! You do not have to play a sexual character to be in the free company, you just need to be okay with knowing it happens. ✓ Alliances and Associates – we’re out here to network and ally businesses together. We want to add flavor to other free companies with the same heart as us. Do your broody sea swabbies need a night of decompression at a comfortable place? Does your bar need a few pretty faces to sling drinks and get those meals out? Do you have a job that might need a bit more muscle than what you’ve got on hand? Look us up! We want to help build your stories and add to our own, and keep the world feeling a little more alive. ✓ Freelancers – already in a free company and don’t want to leave, but you want to explore that side of your character? Hey, we want to help that. Freelancers are pseudo-members of the business, and the pool that we dive into if we don’t have what a client needs, which is going to happen with our size. We don’t care what free company you’re in, even if it’s another adult business! We just want to help you get out there and have some fun in a different way. You’re never pressured to join, and you’re always able to decline an offered job. Get your role-play, even if it’s not your current FC’s focus! ✓ Community – we’re not interested in unfriendly competition. We know the market has plenty of adult-centered venues and free companies, and we want to work with them however we can to enrich everyone’s play. If we end up not being the right brothel for a prostitute or companion character, we want to be able to suggest another that might be more up their alley. When we have characters who have reached the point that it’s time to move on, we want to be able to help them connect with people who will keep that angle going, and we want to be on the list for people to feel good about doing the same with us. ✓ Roomies – if you’ve got yourself a character that is capable of making a room and you want to lend a hand, we’d love to take them in! Room assistants are OOC members (usually) who have kindly donated characters to help us build up private rooms that expand on the brothel and rehabilitation clinic, as we have a small plot and space is limited. We’re happy to help finance decorating, and have several crafters and gatherers on hand. Can’t think of an idea for a room but want to help? We’re constantly considering ideas, so if this interests you, just let us know! We’re not interested in: ✗ Drama & Gossips – we support in-character drama, we don’t endorse out-of-character dramatics. If you can’t play well with others, can’t share the limelight or take the time to help others who are struggling, you aren’t going to find a fit in the community we’re building. We are also very strict about our confidentiality and hold a ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ mentality for a lot of what we do. What people come to us for is their business, and we expect our members to respect that. ✗ Underage Players/Characters – while we may sometimes run an event made for all ages (a good example is our Wolf & Rabbit hunt, which is a playful hide-and-seek in the open world), the business itself is by adults, for adults. We require anyone who enters into the building with the intention of interacting to be over the age of eighteen, both in-character and out, and this extends to prospective members as well. This extends to your guests, as well. Please, don’t put anyone in an uncomfortable situation, it’s not okay. ✗ Expecting Handouts – this is a big no-go. While we allow alternate characters as well as main characters, and characters of all levels, we’re not a parking space. Our small size comes with the expectation that those who want to be a part of the free company are willing to help build it up, and this goes even into Discord. We get that the head space for a character can leave as fast as it came around, but if the only time that you’re around is when there’s gil to be made or you show no participation in collaborative discussions, we’ll consider ourselves an ill fit and you’ll be dismissed. This did get long, so if you got through all of that, you’re wonderful. Have questions or are interested? Feel free to send me a PM here, or contact me on Discord @ Tsukiko Tanshi#9604. I’m happy to answer anything, or even begin networking!
  9. [ We hosted our first event earlier this month, and it went over rather well! As something of a soft run, there's very little I'm going to be looking at changing. We are still recruiting, so feel free to drop in if you're interested! ]
  10. [ Oh my goodness! Thank you so much to everyone who turned up! The small gathering was rather perfect for the first run trial of our hunt, and I look forward to refining it and continuing it's use for further events! I was also quite pleased with the hilarity of the bobbing for apples, and I know that was well-received, as well. Congratulations to our first title winners: Tilala Tila, the Clever; Isolde Hawke, the Elusive; and Torzivir Caravelle, the Cunning. Tilala and Torzivir walked away with 500k, Isolde with 250k, and all three gained entry into the Grand Hunt. I would also like to thank Gus & Shio for appearing to cover the event for their paper - that was a surprise and a half and I look forward to seeing you both at further events that run! ]
  11. [ Popping back in here to get a few last minute entries! If you haven't signed up for the hunt already, you'll still be able to at the event itself. Curious about the costume contest prizes? Let's just say the grand prize winner gets to walk away with their choice of something worth 3 million (or more, you know how markets are) gil, and there are tons of other prizes to be had! Come, mingle, have fun! ]
  12. [ Just dropping a quick note here: this event is an all ages event and will be very strict about upholding that. Please don't let assumptions about my character nor my company dissuade you from attending! If you have any questions or concerns, just contact me for further clarification. Thank you! ]
  13. [align=center] [/align] The Wanderer’s Way is proud to present their first Wolf & Rabbit Hunt! Join us for an evening of festive amusement with tricks and treats and much more in store for those who refuse to let the forest spook them! Where: Sweetbloom Pier, Eastern Shroud! When: 3PM EDT, October 21st! What: Hunt & Party! Who: You! Server: Balmung Featuring: Wolf & Rabbit Hunt - Put on your running shoes and your lucky dice, because only the quickest will make it out of this one! Compete with others for your chance at a hefty gil prize and the first set of titles! Two winners will be walking away with 500k gil a piece… not bad for a little fun and games. DJ Booth - Let’s send the forest thumping with tunes! Listen in to get your groove on as we get the party going with spooky songs a ghoulish guitars! Fancy a try yourself? The DJ Booth will open up for others after the first set is done, just keep it in theme! Costume Contest - Gussy up and get ready to glow, folks! Want a chance to win some prizes? Get creative and wow the judges! You might walk away with something real special by night’s end… Bobbing for Apples - Tie your hair back and get ready for a game of chance that could make your night something to remember! Catch the right apples and you could come out with some wickedly wonderful prizes… or a devious trick! Interested? Read up on the Wolf & Rabbit Hunt >>here<< and sign-up for it >>here< Any questions or concerns can be directed to Tsukiko Tanshi#9604 We are accepting volunteers for this event! Please contact Tsukiko at the above Discord, or use the event sign-up sheet and leave your Discord so you can be contacted.
  14. I've been a little quiet while getting things rolled out for Tsukiko's company, and with that in progress, I'm here to start networking again! Please feel free to contact me, easily done over Discord. As a side-note, please do not leave your contact information here for me to find later. My entire first post is a rather large 'I would like to RP with you and here's some ideas if you have none of your own!' I come here to scope events and I only check this thread about once a month - if you are interested in playing with me, just add me on Discord and talk there. I've already expressed my interest, my door is open, it's up to you to step through it and come have some tea while we talk things over. Asking if I'm interested and making me chase you down after I've already put in the effort really just reads in a bad way to me and is a terrible first impression. I know that sounds a little uptight, but I need people who I can trust to communicate and be proactive, especially as I move into leading a company. I look forward to speaking with you!
  15. [align=center][/align] The Wanderer’s Way is a mature role-playing Free Company on the Balmung server of Final Fantasy XIV. Aiming to provide a dynamic environment for players to explore their characters in a story that grows from the bottom up, The Wanderer’s Way follows the path of Tsukiko Tanshi and her comrades as she builds a home for the lost and forgotten, and plies their trade across Eorzea. As each person joins, the story becomes more vast, forming friendships and alliances that help pave the way to a bolder and brighter tomorrow. Please explore the tabs for further information - OOC Information for an idea of the company's intentions from the viewpoint of the leadership, and the F.A.Q for a quick and condensed list of the common questions and their answers. We look forward to meeting you. [align=center]We are currently hiring: Companions, Security, Staff.[/align] [align=center]We are not currently open for business; once our staff is in place, we will open![/align]
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