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  1. Sarto'rien

    balmung Mages & Magic!

    Ever thought about meeting other mages? Discussing your passion for magic? Your love of casting? Your desire to research? Well, now you can! I’ve setup both an in-game Linkshell (On Balmung), and a discord server (Open to anyone from any server https://discord.gg/RVRjMfC ), for practitioners of all forms of magic. A place to discuss headcanons and lore, to make connections, setup roleplay and everything in-between. It’s early days, but if you’re interested at all PLEASE do join!
  2. Sarto'rien

    The Guiding Light

    I just moved to Balmung today, and this honestly seems like JUST the kinda thing I've been looking for! I'll be trying to hit you up in-game as often as possible.