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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/Yuuta_FR/status/892304105875623936 Server [Mateus] Seems out wonderful FC leader Kidaka of the Crimson Lanners was requested to help with an AMV. Its pretty good so I thought id share it with the rest of you lot! Shes the female AU'ra in the whole vid. Enjoy Surprised she shared it with the rest of us LANNERS lmao
  2. Oh haha. I'm central NA time and its 2am here. Not sure which one of those is central American time
  3. Hi I'm pretty new but not all that new as I played in ARR but not HW. anyway id like an invite to the LS if possible id like to make contaxts in the RP community and seek a RP FC if at all possible. Seraphyn Arcana is my characters name.
  4. I'm a NA player, but I appreciate it. I will check out the LS see what they got going
  5. Thank you for the insight! And so i will go to Mateus, as ive been doing a bit of research and that name pops up often. I'm not entirely sure how to go about looking for a RP FC in ff14. I dont wana be a noob and spam the /yell haha.
  6. Allllllllllllrighty, well to start things off I'm not entirely new. I played when this game first dropped but stopped after awhile and didnt play HW DLC. So I figured I'd come back and see whats up so I'm newish kinda sorta haha. Anyway I know balmung and Gilgy are the big time rp go to servers, but alas those are insanely over populated currently. So I'm seeking another server that has a high RP community. I'm an avid Roleplayer and raider, and have many years of exp in MMOs Roleplaying and raiding such as WoW, Gw and even non mmo style games such as DnD, larping, and Ren fair larping . Thats just a little background of me. So my question is since bal and gilgy are currently non existent, what is the next highest to server that's very active that I can start back into this glorious game ? Also are therr any RP guilds that are active and have a good base of people in it? I'm a late night gamer as i work nights and game to wee hours of the morn. So a guild thats active through the day/night would be preferred. P.s. sorry for calling FC, guilds. Old habbits die hard. Can't wait hear from you guys, Happy ROLEPLAYING!!!! :chocobo::chocobo:
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