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    mateus For those still hesistant about Mateus [Admin of Hub post]

    can't recommend this place enough, honestly. i've been a roleplayer for many years now (almost a decade) and decided to take the leap from forum and social media based roleplay to mmorpg/real time roleplay and in doing so, transferred to mateus during The Great Migration. i came across a link for the hub on here one day and didn't really expect much, only to be met with a surprisingly organised, newbie-friendly, and very large server full of all kinds of roleplayers and characters to interact with, dedicated channels for learning and going back over the lore and aiding in character creation and development, and more. i've met a ton of people and gotten a bunch of roleplays already and i don't regret stumbling upon it all one bit. frankly, i don't know where i'd be right now if i hadn't, it's helped that much. i implore anyone to give it a try. they'd be more than happy to have you.