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  1. Ayame Akimoto Bio Age:16 DOB: 16th Sun of the 4th Astrial Moon (7/16) Profession:Miko. At long last small young Au Ra was born under the Ruby Sea, born to a young couple who've always feared the world above. While individual's celebrated under the water, her existence to the world was yet to be seen or known. Bellow the tides a celebration was held, however, from above, the tides just slowly and gently caressed the shores of Kugane and the East Othard coastline. It was in this place that she would mark her journey, and that her destiny would take place that no other has seen. Appearance: Ayame is quite small for her age, she's just at 5'0". Being so small, and being a “Runt” Of Au Ra, she learned to be quite agile and fast. Ayame has fine pink hair, most of them continue to say that her hair resembles the blossoms off the trees around spring time. She has ocean green eyes, while under water they help camouflage her, however, above water it is one of her most outstanding features. She has coral white horns and tail, along with scales that are placed on her body, although they appear to have a scale like appearance, they still have a silk like texture to them. Her tail is long and slender with a fork in the bottom. Personality: Ayame is quite quiet and to herself a majority of the time. She is skeptical around other races other than Raen Au Ra. However, despite her skepticism, bread by her parents, she has a longing to explore the world and wanting to learn as much as she possibly can. Her likes include food, water, exploring, and animals. Her dislikes include mean individual’s, lazy individuals, but all around she tries to find the best in all situations. She likes to compare herself to a flower in the wind- (although born underwater, she has a fascination with nature above & bellow the sea). Job: Miko Although she is born under the sea, the small Raen always had a special ability as to see and predict with the night sky. That being said, she had learned to manipulate the stars and read them. Over some time, the temple had recognized her abilities where they took her under their wing and trained her, educated her, and cultured her. As a Miko (Asian Priestess) she performs cleansings to the temple, she entertains those who come, she is to wear a traditional garb, along with using her abilities to raise money for temple upkeeps. Living and being a Miko, all her necessities are provided by the temple, and the individual’s there are very caring and deer. She lives a peaceful sanctioned life that many wishes to have. Being a part of the temple, also means she is just bellow the Ruby Princess. She takes the title with great pride and honor, especially for her family.
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