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  1. Another D&D pic, a tiefling/dragonkin sorceress.
  2. A note: I'm open for commissions! See the first post for info.
  3. An Au Ra I painted as an art trade:
  4. A new piece: "Miqo'te Ugly!"
  5. I'm an artist open for commissions of your OCs or lore characters (of any fandom)! You can find my art at http://ashtender.com, and my price list at https://www.deviantart.com/ashtender/journal/Commission-Information-802305281. Here are some of the paintings I've made. Contact me here, DeviantArt, or at ashenbloom@gmail.com if you are interested!
  6. That sounds like a pretty decent story match for my seventeen-year-old, Nadia Ashtender. I play (as an alt, but with dedication) a teenaged Highlander of wealthy upbringing who has recently taken up adventuring as part of a rebellious streak, having run away from home. She’s unlikely to be a corrupting influence and more likely to be corrupted by “street life,” sheltered as she has been for years; she does have a propensity to get into situations over her head. Like you, she’s mostly in the company of older soldiers and as such, hasn’t really formed connections with others her age. If I see yo
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