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  1. Another D&D pic, a tiefling/dragonkin sorceress.
  2. A note: I'm open for commissions! See the first post for info.
  3. An Au Ra I painted as an art trade:
  4. A new piece: "Miqo'te Ugly!"
  5. I'm an artist open for commissions of your OCs or lore characters (of any fandom)! You can find my art at http://ashtender.com, and my price list at https://www.deviantart.com/ashtender/journal/Commission-Information-802305281. Here are some of the paintings I've made. Contact me here, DeviantArt, or at ashenbloom@gmail.com if you are interested!
  6. That sounds like a pretty decent story match for my seventeen-year-old, Nadia Ashtender. I play (as an alt, but with dedication) a teenaged Highlander of wealthy upbringing who has recently taken up adventuring as part of a rebellious streak, having run away from home. She’s unlikely to be a corrupting influence and more likely to be corrupted by “street life,” sheltered as she has been for years; she does have a propensity to get into situations over her head. Like you, she’s mostly in the company of older soldiers and as such, hasn’t really formed connections with others her age. If I see you around, or if you see me (on Nadia Ashtender or Q’nagali Yehn), let’s hang out! (If she doesn’t speak Eorzean, how have you been communicating? Sign language? Broken phrases?)
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