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  1. Flinching dramatically at the sudden erupting of sound from beside him. Huffing out a held in breath as he glanced over to witness the cause of the minor tremor. Blinking at the rather titanic spear protruding forth from the harsh, unforgiving desert terrain. Or at least it seemed rather enormous from the sitting position he had adopted. Raising a brow at weaponry before gripping the shaft in curiosity. Murmuring to himself about it's stature. "Well... might make a decent arrow if it wasn't so massive..." Sighing slightly he moved to choke the throat of the spear with both hands, tugging out with a strain, to no avail. It was wedged quite firmly in the stubborn ground. Finally it began to creak, giving warning to it's inevitable downfall. Yet there wasn't much he could do. The mast tilted, gravity's cruel grips encapsulated the object and caused it to fall directly atop Kiht's outstretched legs. Pinning him minorly as he spend the evening wrestling with a stick, trying to get it off the majority of his body. [align=center][End][/align]
  2. Halting slightly to lock gazes with K'latolo, rolling a shoulder in an attempt to stretch out any cramped muscles from being used as a glorified couch. Raising a palm skywards to scratch behind one of his ears absent mindedly, his gaze flicking over towards the commotion. "...Used to it." Raising the splintered bow skywards to inspect it, he offered a slight huff before glancing back over towards K'latolo, offering a somber nod as he fiddled with the limp, swinging upper haft. "...Might want to go after Sister Sandstorm over there... Before she rips apart the camp... and it's residents." Kiht's attention swiveled over towards K'mih, Perking a brow skywards at the fact she was still there. Pursing his lips before wandering off to sit at the base of a nearby, sad looking arid tree. Plopping down by it's trunk. K'mih opted to wander into the camp, probably in search for K'nahli, even though in irony she was at the heat of the moment.
  3. A slight flick of Kiht's ears picked up the extremely hard to miss screech from across the camp. Flinching slightly as his ears instinctively pinned themselves to the embrace of his skull to ward off the unnecessary pitch increase. Rising to his feet as his sister took off in a haze of dust. Brushing off the remnants of murky soil that decided to taint his clothes. Until his train of thought had it's tracked blocked by the unnerving sound of cracking.. The straining cries of groaning wood emitted as he rose. Before his expression paled intensely as his sapphire gaze met with the dangling branch. The once expertly made bow, had been snapped in half within the chaos of being sit on. Hanging his head in slight depression, glancing over towards the duo of females still around, as the dust cloud began to diminish. Exerting a heavy sigh before slumping off into the camp. Back to the drawing board.
  4. Swiveling his skull to glance towards the newest voices before his eyes nearly bulged forth from the depths of his skull. The connection of foot to a rather sensitive area caused him to instantly curl as his sibling removed herself from his chest. Assuming a fetal position, coughing absently into the dust coated ground. Taking his sweet time in recovering... Perhaps if he milked this injury for long enough they'd all just forget he was there. Deciding to elevate a palm to fish-hook out a pocket knife with a curled digit. Before digging back into the same pocket and tugging out a small triangle of wood. He proceeded to sharpen it's edges. Still in a curled defensive position, absent mindedly tending to his own works in creating another arrow-head.
  5. Pushing his eyelids to their limit with how wide his gaze became as he was brutishly tossed to the arid desert landscape beneath them. A thud that radiated through out the outskirts of the camp. Instantly closing his eyes and laying flat against the heated ground. Inhaling sharply before spitting out a gust of stored air as his sister took perch upon his stomach. Wiggling in utter defiance of this situation, Kiht finally gave up and limply plopped in defeat. Exerting a heavy sigh before pivoting his skull towards K'mih, sticking out his lower lip before exerting a puff of air skywards, blowing a displaced strand of golden hair from his gaze. Finally, he gathered a bit of strength and propped himself up on both elbows. Cradling his skull in the palm of one hand. Quietly murmuring beneath his breath, more to himself than anyone. "...Sitting on me isn't going to find her."
  6. Pressing his lips in a firm lock as he mulled over the thought. Finally separating them to allow the intrusion of the dusty, dry air as his response was about to headway. Until he was brutally interrupted in his own thought process from the voice that shook mountains and rattled dunes. Instantly flinching and ducking down, as if a projectile was about to connect with the broadside of his skull. Cracking one eyelid open to witness the stomping female rushing towards him. Standing stiff like a board, inhaling sharply as his eyes widened, mouth hanging agape slightly as he instinctively took a small hesitant step backwards before being lurched forwards with the grip of his elder sibling. Wiggling around in the grip, trying to pry himself from her titan clutch, to no avail mind you. "I... D-don't know! S-she's your kid not mine!"
  7. Instinctively stepping backwards, nearly losing balance at the sudden burst of a request at the end. As if everything was calm before this female exploded with emotion in his face. Gathering himself up for a moment before blinking in slight dumbfounded awe. Pursing his lips to choose the next words carefully, taking his sweet time in the process. A good handful of seconds had past before he finally responded. "... If you focus on the task, you won't have to worry." A pair of slender digits rose to the plumes that were sticking out from the quiver adorned to his spine. Gripping a single haft and extending it towards her, the feathered end first. Clasping the arrowhead between his fingers expertly. "Here... It's better than the average ones they'll give you."
  8. An agonizingly slow pivot from his front facing position, he eventually faced the conversation partner. A golden brow still locked in an arched position of wordless questioning before finally softening back down to it's casual resting place. His right hand advanced skywards and lightly clasped around the joint of his elbow. Awkwardly rubbing the arm still clutching the throat of the bow, resting against his leg. Ever so slightly angling his skull to the left as if to pose the wordless question for her to continue. The adam's apple dwelling within his underused vocal chords shifted slightly as he soundlessly cleared his throat. "...Oh?"
  9. The tension encapsulating the cord softened. The Miqo'te's palm relaxed as it guided the trio back into their respective holster. Allowing his other hand to droop down limply, still clinging loosely to the frame of the bow, tugging it against his thigh before gently tilting his skull backwards. Just enough for a single Sapphire eye to weave it's view through the crevice of his chocolate crested locks. Blinking slightly at being addressed, cocking a golden brow skywards at the approaching female. It was renown that he wasn't much of a talker, that much was apparent with the crystal silence that was only shattered by the occasional wild life chirping in the background, yet Kiht simply stood, wondering what she could want from him. Waiting for her to take the hesitant step forwards into conversation, aimlessly blinking at her with the raised brow over the ocean of blue, contrasted by the paper thin slit of an excuse for a pupil.
  10. (New Scene.) The golden hue of the setting sun was preoccupied casting itself over the landscape. A plethora of mixed colours that conjure up the simple majesty of the sunset caused the cracked, dry desert to radiate with a mystical essence. Standing just outside the borders of the encampment of this particular tribe, the Tia was preoccupied aiming directly skywards. Haft of the elongated bow clutched at the pinnacle of his reach. Forming a semi-circle over his skull with the strike of his arm holding it in place. Cocking a trio of arrows into the twine and tugging back slowly. Releasing the pressure to let loose the trio to disappear into the dimming sky. Singing through the wind with the assistance of the feathered ends to the ammunition. Inhaling sharply, the wielder of the weapon began sliding sideways at an alarming rate. Side stepping to the right, being greeted by a loud 'clunk' as the quiver adorned to the clutch of his spine seemed to sprout a feathered end. A secondary dive step back to the left and the second plume joined the first with a hearty 'clunk. Before ending the footwork with the third clunk. Kiht's palm raised skywards and gripped the trio again, cocking them in the embrace of the twine to repeat the process.
  11. Kiht

    Tifa's boobs.

    Hey, she had some nice triangles! ...Oh yeah, uhm... Welcome.
  12. ...Wh- I mean, yeah! I actually found something. I'm the best hunter the desert has to offer. Mmmhmm! :thumbsup:
  13. Posted! Annd, I forgot to post my skype, but I'll throw it in there if I see the opportunity arise without having to double post, because I'm awkward like that. - But in the meantime it's "aerisbanes' if you want to spread it yourself, I have no issue with anyone adding me... That goes for you too random onlooker.
  14. I've been bullied and abused into joining by Clover (K'mih Yohko) and K'nahli, it was rather harrowing. (They were actually extremely nice, but that's now how we're remembering it.) In short, I'm your regular Miqo'te Tia, primarily a hunter (Rolling as an Archer) Middle aged, fitting in the 20 - 40 bracket to sit around 22ish. Still a youngin' but not entirely so! I'm quite familiar with the lore as it stands, I've already read the entirety of the Hipparion Tribe wiki page, as for my -own- wiki page, that is in the works right now.. I just want to write it all out and tweak before I smack it up. I'm naturally a worry wort and constantly nervous about this sort of thing, so I apologize if I come off as stepping on broken glass. Long story short; Clover and K'nahi convinced me to dive at the chance of being a part of the Hipparion Tribe, K'nahi said I was cleared, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! So, I took the liberty of messaging Naunet already as well.
  15. Woo! :lol: Question is; where do I land, what do I do. I don't... Well I guess square one would be to get my butt on a wiki page.... I'm also never going to get over calling him "Koo-Kit."
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