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  1. I'm Starting a RP FC. It'll be based in Limsa Lominsa. We are freedom fighters in a way. we fight for our own freedom. home to all from pirate to knight. were accept all types of players, new/ beginner RPers/ or just someone who wants people to play with. I love character backstories and would love to hear yours. send me a message or friend request. see you around!
  2. I've only recently gotten into RP but i enjoy it alot. i'm currently trying to get my FC up and going. if you want to get really into it think of a backstory for your character what her aspirations are, and her personality. i'm also on mateus btw "hello!" after that its all about finding a group of people which i'm learning is quite hard when playing a male character lol. anyway if you ever want to practice send me friend request i'd love to help.
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