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  1. I can work with that. Thanks for the quick response Faye!
  2. Hi folks! I've been trying to think up a new character to return to RP'ing. I've been away from the game for most of 5.x content and I would greatly appreciate some lore help. The character hook I've been thinking of is someone slightly mutated into something beast-like. Not a beast tribe character or cross-breed of some sort, but more of a whoopsie of nature. Perhaps an aether-related mishap? A tiny bit of lycanthropy? The end result character would just be a regular humanoid with clawed hands, maybe utilize the wolf leg glam from the Halloween event several years ago, with o
  3. Hi folks! Last week Saint Reinette's University & Orphanage celebrated the Starlight season with a huge holiday feast prepared by school counselor and astromancy professor Olloste Eio. The dinner and conversation carried on for almost nine hours as folks came and went! Here are some screenshots of our time together. We are looking for students, staff, and teachers - if you're interested you can submit an ingame application, hop into our Discord server, or directly contact our headmistress Higura Gainishigi (discord Higura#1869) or myself Olloste Eio (discord ollo#4290) Ha
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