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  1. Hi folks! Last week Saint Reinette's University & Orphanage celebrated the Starlight season with a huge holiday feast prepared by school counselor and astromancy professor Olloste Eio. The dinner and conversation carried on for almost nine hours as folks came and went! Here are some screenshots of our time together. We are looking for students, staff, and teachers - if you're interested you can submit an ingame application, hop into our Discord server, or directly contact our headmistress Higura Gainishigi (discord Higura#1869) or myself Olloste Eio (discord ollo#4290) Happy holidays! Miss Eio offers food and drink to Caldera Tumet, chief of staff for the school's jazz club/tavern "The Grandfather Clock" Miss Eio brings a mini cake to recently-hired aetherial theology researcher Rowaan Greenstone New student Niya Zolwe enjoys the feast with engineering instructor N'iyuni Lux (but we call her Nee). Miss Nee was having such a good time that she let her photosensitive eyes out from under her mask! La Noscean orange mead also helped. Miss Eio and Mr Greenstone discuss his research with senior student Zaetia Kha while offscreen Miss Nee ponders a possible gadget that could replicate Caldera's uncanny ability to identify alcohols by smell We at St. Reinette's wish everyone a happy Starlight and Heavensturn!
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