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  1. Due to some students failings in the classroom when it came to geography, this weeks lesson was a field trip with the idea that the students might learn better with a visual aide. The class visited Central Thanalan, and stopped by the Sultantree and the Unholy Heir to discuss both of these landforms and their importance. The class seemed to work a little better for the students, so the trend may continue.
  2. Last night, the students gathered for a second geography class, detailing the specifics of what a landform was, as well as discussions of various landforms in Eorzea. It was a larger class size, with five in attendance.
  3. Today was a basic geography lesson detailing the world, the continents upon it, and various differences in landmasses and their physical traits. Small class today, but student engagement was very high as a result. Everyone had a good time.
  4. Students gathered for a basic cooking lesson on how to create lemon grilled chicken and rice. Unfortunately for them, the headmistress (who was teaching), wasn't exactly a good cook. Thankfully it all worked out in the end and everyone enjoyed a good meal!
  5. Today was 'Introduction Day' at the University. Staff and Students got to together to meet and greet in a big group for the first time since the re-opening. Folks introduced themselves, followed by a three hour ordeal of everyone picking out tickets from a jar. Each ticket had a random fact about someone else in the room, and they would take turns guessing who the fact might belong to. Everyone managed to learn a lot about one another.
  6. As I have returned to the game, I have updated the company and intend to open recruitment once more. Please consider joining.
  7. Name: Higura Gainishigi Race: Miqo'te - Seeker of the Sun Gender: Female Server: Balmung Availability ingame: 8 AM to 1 PM CST; Thursday through Monday -- 9 PM to 10 AM CST on Monday Night / Tuesday Night Availability on Discord: 10 PM to 1 PM CST most every day. Discord: Higura#1869 RP Carrd: https://higgie.carrd.co/ Longtime player and RPer, here. Took a lengthy break from the game for about a year and a half due to real life issues. These issues persist, namely with my profession IRL; and I am currently stuck on grave shift until the pandemic ends. So my ava
  8. We got together for a Starlight Event today. Went to Ul'dah to hand out presents, followed by gift giving among the company members back home at the manor. Everyone had a pretty great time, as folks tend to do during the holidays. Happy Starlight.
  9. I am very bad at remembering to keep this thread updated. We're always still recruiting!
  10. Got together with the University for our weekly Wednesday event, and actually remembered to take pictures to post. Here's a collection of us at the beach for the Moonfire Faire. Was a pretty fun time, shooting fireworks, hide and seek, and a history lesson on the Faire itself. We're always recruiting both staff and students, so don't be shy, send us a message! Even if you see us out in the field, feel free to approach!
  11. Two screenshots while meeting new members for the first times in character. We're still looking for new staff and students who are looking to immerse themselves in a tight-knit family-vibe company. Please inquire if interested.
  12. Saint Reinette’s University & Orphanage<SR-RP> Saint Reinette’s University and Orphanage is an Ishgardian-Inspired, school-themed free company on Balmung. It is geared towards players who are preferably 18+, and seeks both new and old RPers. We are LGBT friendly, and have a focus on the inclusiveness of our members in plots, roleplay events, or out of character antics on our discord server. Please take a look at our company carrd, as it should familiarize you with the entirety of our company.
  13. until
    Show up to learn about the Amdapori people who lived in the Twelveswood 1500 years ago.
  14. An in-game meeting, discussing the company's direction moving forward, listening to suggestions, taking note of implemented changes, and various other things.
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