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  1. I am very bad at remembering to keep this thread updated. We're always still recruiting!
  2. Got together with the University for our weekly Wednesday event, and actually remembered to take pictures to post. Here's a collection of us at the beach for the Moonfire Faire. Was a pretty fun time, shooting fireworks, hide and seek, and a history lesson on the Faire itself. We're always recruiting both staff and students, so don't be shy, send us a message! Even if you see us out in the field, feel free to approach!
  3. Two screenshots while meeting new members for the first times in character. We're still looking for new staff and students who are looking to immerse themselves in a tight-knit family-vibe company. Please inquire if interested.
  4. Saint Reinette’s University <SR-UO> Saint Reinette’s University and Orphanage is a school-themed free company on Balmung, that has will be seeing it's third anniversary in January of 2019. While the overall theme is that of a school, and the setting reflects this. However, the University is intended as a hub covering a range of RP tropes. This includes, but is not limited to: common school activities (Like classes!),, story-driven plots, combat, slice of life, high adventure and goofy tavern antics. We accept members both new and old to RP, so long as they have an interest in the company. Interested parties may find everything they need to get started on THIS page. The University is located in Ward 2 of the Lavender beds. Three buildings make up its location. The Primary School Hall (Saint Reinette’s University itself) is located at. Ward 2, plot 33. The ‘Grandfather Clock’ (A locally owned tavern right down the road) is at ward 2, plot 54. The ‘Sentō Box’ (A Hingan themed bath house) is located at ward 2, plot 56. Saint Reinette’s University is accepting of all sorts of folks, regardless if they’re a veteran or novice at roleplaying. We are LGBT friendly, and have a focus on the inclusiveness of our members in plots, roleplay events, or out of character antics on our discord server. You may join said discord server HERE. Voice chat is non-compulsory, but it could be fun! (... non-compulsory means you don’t gotta do it!) So, you find yourself intrigued by a school themed free company and have an interest in joining? Well, It’s easy enough to apply! You have a few options. While ingame, send an application to the free company; and someone will be able to assist you at their earliest convenience. Join our Discord server, and introduce yourself. An Admin or Moderator will assist you. Contact me (Higura Gainishigi) in-game. Alternatively, you can send me a message here on Hydaelyn Roleplayer Coalition. Additionally, I am available on Discord. You can reach me at Higura#1869. With any of the above options, the following will happen: Any member of the staff (Admins, Moderators, etc.) will instruct you to take a look at the University Policies. This is a collection of both IC (In-Character) and OOC (Out of Character) guidelines and rules. Lenient rules and regulations set forth to help keep people from upsetting one another or causing trouble. After that, the individual assisting you will work with you in regards to your RP character. Questioning about them and their personality. Very brief stuff. They will also likely send you a link to the University Roster. It’s a good idea to figure out if you want your character to be a member of the staff, or a student. Finally, they (Myself or another admin) will schedule an interview. This is an IC (In-Character) interview that will double as a practice RP session, and that's it. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. (We do not accept non-company teachers. Please do not ask.)
  5. until
    Show up to learn about the Amdapori people who lived in the Twelveswood 1500 years ago.
  6. An in-game meeting, discussing the company's direction moving forward, listening to suggestions, taking note of implemented changes, and various other things.
  7. until
    Eastern Theology with Miyami.
  8. until
    Rinh continues the study of Allag with the Meracydian invasions.
  9. until
    Higura attempts to provide enlightenment in regards to Garlean society.
  10. until
    Mayumi Shiro will be taking a small group of volunteers as well as a security escort through the twelveswood on the hunt for specific plantkin samples. The tasks may be slightly dangerous but will definitely promise to be interesting!
  11. until
    Rescheduled event from last week.
  12. until
    Rinh teaches again. You're welcome.
  13. until
    The Twin Adders have updates regarding the Cultist quest.
  14. until
    Show up and be a jackass.
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