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  1. Wellcome back Kaguya! It feels good to know that there are more roleplayers coming to the FFXIV, or in your case, returning. Oh, I have a question to do and I don't want to be a annoy but, is it your character name based on kaguya otsutsuki? Besides that, it will be a real pleasure to plot with you
  2. X'ih Tia

    Konnichiha ~

    It seems like so We should probably decide one and meet there !
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    Konnichiha ~

    Yo~! I'm a spaniard who used to play this game when it first released (around 2012, i guess). But i stopped playing and i thought about coming back since last summer (2017) and so I registered myself in the game and met some really nice people, with whom i still have contact with. To be honest, they are the main reason that I chose Sargatanas as my World (wanted Balmung but god dammit, it's almost impossible to get inside the server). (Edited, because I read there's some information i have not included and that may be of interest for anyone reading this post) Roleplaying experience: I've been Roleplaying for about 10 years, my first experience was with a Roleplay forum focused on a manga/anime story called Pandora Hearts. After that I've tried several distinct story enviroments and character traits; from villain to hero. Who's X'ih? X'ih Tia is the character whose story I would like to develop from scratch. I should do a further research in the Lore of the game in order to give him a proper shape but for now, I can only talk about his physical appearance. He is a rather tall Miqo'te (171cm — 5' 7") whose hair and eyes are red just like a red fox would be. At first, his aim is to master the Disciplines of War (Specifically: SAM, DRG & MNK) and there's no much more I can tell about him. His story has just began. To conclude It's a pleasure too meet you all and I hope to share some nice experiences, I can RP both inside and outside the game so, to sum it up, I think I am a medium roleplayer. I may sometimes do some grammar mistakes, but i try to do my best so I hope you guys can bare with me. And I think that's all~! Let's have fun ^^