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  1. Zoxx

    Free Titan Runs 11/30/13

    BEST CALLOUTS NA (and Canada)
  2. Zoxx

    Free Titan Runs 11/30/13

    What Liadan said. Mumble is a must. (I think) I will be doing call-outs on Titan's ability rotation to make it easy for new(er) people to follow the fight and learn it so they can hopefully help others to do the same. Hope to see a good turn out this weekend!
  3. Looks awesome! Great work and a great cause. Everyone check it out!
  4. Zoxx

    I also don't know what to write

    It's gotten pretty bad. PLEASE BE OUR FRIEND
  5. Zoxx

    Benchmark Creation Screenshots

    Planning on being a physical-oriented character as well as a blacksmith. Think this'll fit quite well.
  6. Zoxx

    Canadian players?

    Cape Breton, Nova Scotia here!
  7. Zoxx

    I have no idea what to write.. kwerk?

    Hey! I was hoping to run into some old Infamy people
  8. Hello everyone! I'm Zoxx (Or Matt when I'm not sitting in this chair) and I'm really glad to be a part of this community. I'll try not to bore you with a wall of text describing my MMORPG history, so I'll keep it short. Ultima Online (3 years on and off) Get ganked a thousand times. "WHY GOD WHY" Met tons of cool people. Established my love of MMOs. World of Warcraft (2004-Present on and off) I had the most fun in Burning Crusade, discovered that I love PvE progression, though I haven't raided regularly for a long time. Currently playing a few characters to waste time with a friend who is also joining me on my Realm Reborn adventure. Lots of Over-Hyped games that ended with disappointment (2008-2012) Spend a week getting to maximum level (alone), be really disappointed with the lack of end-game. Leave before my month trial is up. I'm not really proud of how my approach to MMOs has been as of late, but a change of perspective and an effort to find a solid group of people to enjoy A Realm Reborn with is what I'm hoping will turn things around. As for my role play experience, it's next to non-existent. I met the friend I'll be playing ARR with through the role play guild he ran and learned the basics (but haven't RP'd in almost a year), other than that, I'm still learning. After a lot of consideration, I've decided that I'll be rolling my Highlander on the Balmung server. If anyone is recruiting for a linkshell, please send me a message and I'd love to talk with you. I figure now is as good a time as any to find a spot for myself I made this post a lot longer than I anticipated. Good on you if you read the whole thing! Here's a llama with a Final Fantasy-esque haircut as a reward.