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  1. Hey there! I picked up ffxiv last month and wasted my free trial, but I eventually picked it back up again and i love it. I'm a lvl 42 ARC at the moment but i wanted to look for a possible RP partner on aether/Mateus. I'm not in a FC or LS at the moment, but I'm open to joining one. I don't have any specific requirements for my partners, they can be romantic, platonic, etc. Currently I'm playing on console so discord would be the best way to RP atm, feel free to add me at Ornstein#2761 | Character info | Name: Danah'li Zhahl Race/Clan: Miqo'te, Keepers of the Moon Sexuality: Homosexual Age: 21 Gender: Male Status: Single Home: Limsa Lominsa Height: 5'4 Hair: Orange with black eartips Eyes: Orange/Amber (right) Yellow/Gold (left) Spontaneous and curious, a bit of a trickster at times but otherwise he is humble and caring. Loyal to his friends and allies. | Short BG | Danah'li lived as the youngest sibling to his nomadic family, having minimal to no contact with other people/races until he became of age that he decided to embark on his own journey as an adventurer. Craving to meet new people and see new places, he tries to help other adventurers in need and helps small-folk in the villages surrounding Limsa Lominsa and Gridania whenever possible. | Starter Ideas/Topics/etc | - Adventurer for hire - Shoddy marksman, almost hitting your character with an arrow - Arcanist studying to become a Scholar - Stubborn chocobo/Inept rider - Friends in high places (He enjoys climbing into almost impossible to reach areas) If interested just let me know! I'm new to this forum so the best possible place would be to message me on discord. (Old photo btw, will update after work tomorrow)
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