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  1. Name: Khalja Gharl Server: Mateus Character Overview: Khalja is thirty-five years old and stands about 216cm. Those that would look to his hair they would note it was usually long and somewhat drawn back into a ponytail small horns in the back of his head jutting out, the colors of his hair would differ most of it being pure black while the tips usually were a dark forest green. Those that would also look to his eyes would note the heterochromia of his eyes the right being a sky blue while the left was a bit of a lighter shade of green looking to his horns some would also note the little bit of scarring that would be on his horns and down his neck and onto his torso. Scars and burns seemed to riddle his torso some of the scars large while the burns where small and spread across his body the clothes he wore seemed to very from his tribal clothes to those of more common variety. Really to know more about Khalja is to rp with him i can describe what he looks like yes but his personality and back story is something that needs to be figured out. ((Eventually ill make a card >/////<)) Hooks A teacher for Black Magic: To those that wish to have a Tutor for magic Khalja would try and teach and slowly get to know his new pupil and help them with channeling the dark arts of sorts. A mercenary for hire: Since leaving his homeland Khalja has taking up a job as a mercenary always looking for the next job for coin. If any other type of rp comes his way it would be very fun and interesting Personal things Uhh, I have been Rping for about 10 years now and I will be very honest I do make mistakes and my typing is terrible but if you do not mind it I can do paragraph posts not all the time though so please be patient with me as i will be with you Thank you for listening to that. I am usually on all the time and can be found mostly in the Quicksand on Mateus if not i am usually running dungeons and such. If you wish to not rp in game or do not have the time to my discord is AmbiLati#4214 please just send me a message and tell me or send me a link to your character. If any questions please feel free to ask I am always here Hope to meet some Great people and RP with you all
  2. Characters: Khalja Gharl Primary character: Khalja Gharl Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy. I'd love to find longer-term partners to RP with; would be fairly fun to just enjoy a story of growth between characters and such like that Views on RP combat and injuries: Totally on board. I would honestly need to get used to the rolling combat just because I have been used to the whole oh you do this type what you do and see what happens. Views on IC romance: I do enjoy it, but I don't push it. It's gotta make sense IC Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Its interesting Views on lore: I try to stick as close as I can, but I'm happy to manipulate things that don't make sense or are just plain dumb. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm cool with using chat, although I find it a bit clunky and prefer mediums like discord and stuff, it's all cool! III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone: CST Contact info: Discord: AmbiLati#4214 About Khalja: To those that would notice this Xaela; they would take stock that he was a fairly cheerful and almost optimistic person even though his craft would somewhat say otherwise. While his personality would be cheerful his choice in clothing would beg to differ offering a more darker shades of clothing to either white or things of that nature. The would also note when he chooses to fight and wield his magics his helm usually covers his eyes keeping his ear out making him feel more comfortable with his abilities. ((That is really all i wanna put down for him as of right now he does have more to his back story if some wish to know feel free to ask always fun to give a little more and see what someone character could do with this knowledge. He is normal a Black Mage but he will be also carrying a sheathed sword with him.)) Other: Been Rping in other type of forums and other games hopefully i can get used to doing it in this one and have great times and great memories if you wish to pm me please don't be afraid to at all; stay amazing people
  3. So, this is the first time I will say i've been playing FFXIV since it was actually released a long time ago, A lot has changed which its good to see and its good to see the rp Community is thriving. For those that wish to know I've been playing MMOs for about 10 years or so its been a bit very bad memory. For Rp experience its been 15 years of experience, but I will honestly say that I am not the best speller or use of punctuation's and i will vehemently apologize for that. I do have a few Characters i have been working on but they still need to be fledged out one being Khalja and a few others hopefully everyone will enjoy those characters when i do show them to everyone. To be perfectly honest i just randomly searched for FFXIV RP Community and found this so that was really awesome . As of right now i will have to rp light just because of my job, when the last bit of the year hits then i should be able to heavily get into rp again. Well if you wonder why i can only do light rp as of right now its because I am in the military and its fairly hard for me to have some time off right now but when i am able to i cant wait to be able to Rp with anyone ^-^
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