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  1. Orientation: "Generic?" (Hetero) Race: Hyur/Midlander Occupation: Drifter/Ex-captain Alignment: Chaotic Good Height: 6’2 Eye color: Right, Light Red. Left, Emerald Green. Hair: Long, blonde, parted to the right. Build: Slim, muscular Current location: Wandering the streets of Kugane and it's foreign housing district, Shirogane. -Introduction- Once an honest man of the sea hailing from Limsa Lominsa, Jace lost his ship and reputation after having been ousted as a pirate and traitor of the Eorzean Alliance. In turn, he now wanders the lands in search of new purpose, as well as any possible leads regarding the details of his fall from grace. -Hooks- Honor: Still rather hung up on differentiating himself from true criminals, Jace takes it upon himself to uphold a strict code. "No killing or maiming Bounty Hunters No stealing from or harming citizens and small time Merchants No using hostages And avoid fighting the alliance at all costs." Social: Despite the sum of gil on his head, Jace continues to invite conversation to any and all who’ll lend an ear (And doesn’t look to be some form of enforcement) Wry humor: After all the years of being unwillingly called a pirate, Jace has developed a dry and sarcastic sense of humor, with self deprecation usually in the mix in order to underplay his skillsets and lower suspicions. Gunblade Proficiency: Having learned the art of combat at an early age thanks to a brief tour of duty with Maelstrom, Jace has developed an affinity for Gunblades. Being able to clash swords with the best of them, and place a shot just as well. Anti-piracy: Despite pretty much accepting his fate, he refuses to work alongside any tried-and-true Pirates. And if given the chance, will go out of his way to counter any attempts he’s aware of. Bounty: Once at a fairly average bounty of 100,000 gil, It has recently went up to about 500,000 after some recent altercations with would-be collectors. -Looking for- Acquaintances and possible friends for occasional banter and casual rp, as well as adversaries and sources of conflict to further develop and interact with this character of mine. Will probably do a little bit of everything, but what’s mentioned above is my primary goal for right now. -Other notes- Feel free to send FR's, that's likely the easiest way to get a hold of me, other than that, to learn more. Interact. -Screenshots/Reference-
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