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  1. Cara's IC wife, Lucretia. I /LOVE/ how this piece came out.
  2. Not FFxiv art but I'm really happy how this piece came out. A friend of mine who is a streamer VoidlessPlays commissioned work of him and his beautiful girlfriend.
  3. Newest Piece. I needed to do a bust of my main, Cara. I'm really enjoying doing these busts and I /finally/ feel like I've gotten my anime/cartoon style down pat! Cheers!
  4. Hello! Welcome, fellow artists and art lovers! I've been doing art for a while now, and I really love drawing FFxiv characters along with SWToR characters. My artist passion began with Star Wars but when I came to FFxiv I found a new passion. I'll likely post here new artwork that I complete as I go along. I'd share my Star Wars stuff but this forum is specifically for FFxiv so I'll stick to the theme. Social Media: Cara Silva Art Deviantart Cara Silva Art Tumblr Cara Silva Art Discord ((Commission Prices are here)) I found I could say t
  5. FC Tag: <GATES> Leader: Lucretia Drage (Lucretia, Mhyhr#0042) Officers: Cara Drage (Reline2244#9764), Sorkhaqtani Oronir (bunny.bubblegum#2220), Rassix (Ix#5256) FC House Address: Plot 43, 7th Ward, Shirogane Type of FC: Heavy Roleplay Active Time: We have membership from around the globe, with about a six hour variance in TZ, but most RP seems to happen between the hours of 9:00pm EST and 2:00am EST. Alignment: Lawful Neutral Homepage: Will Of the Gates Homepage IC Background: A need has
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