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  1. Cara's IC wife, Lucretia. I /LOVE/ how this piece came out.
  2. Not FFxiv art but I'm really happy how this piece came out. A friend of mine who is a streamer VoidlessPlays commissioned work of him and his beautiful girlfriend.
  3. Newest Piece. I needed to do a bust of my main, Cara. I'm really enjoying doing these busts and I /finally/ feel like I've gotten my anime/cartoon style down pat! Cheers!
  4. Hello! Welcome, fellow artists and art lovers! I've been doing art for a while now, and I really love drawing FFxiv characters along with SWToR characters. My artist passion began with Star Wars but when I came to FFxiv I found a new passion. I'll likely post here new artwork that I complete as I go along. I'd share my Star Wars stuff but this forum is specifically for FFxiv so I'll stick to the theme. Social Media: Cara Silva Art Deviantart Cara Silva Art Tumblr Cara Silva Art Discord ((Commission Prices are here)) I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for. -Georgia O'Keeffe What I will Illustrate: SFW NSFW Anthropomorphic Anything FFxiv themed Anything that isn't FFxiv themed. ((I have a big heart for Star Wars and that's where my passion for art started)) Chibi <3! Discord Icons I also do 3D modeling ((Special requests)) Couples What I will not Illustrate: Anything NSFW that is considered illegal. Not a big fan of drawing gory scenes. A bit of blood is okay in a illustration but everywhere, not my cup of tea. I WILL NOT LEWD LALAFELLS IN ART. Artwork Examples:
  5. FC Tag: <GATES> Leader: Lucretia Drage (Lucretia, Mhyhr#0042) Officers: Cara Drage (Reline2244#9764), Sorkhaqtani Oronir (bunny.bubblegum#2220), Rassix (Ix#5256) FC House Address: Plot 43, 7th Ward, Shirogane Type of FC: Heavy Roleplay Active Time: We have membership from around the globe, with about a six hour variance in TZ, but most RP seems to happen between the hours of 9:00pm EST and 2:00am EST. Alignment: Lawful Neutral Homepage: Will Of the Gates Homepage IC Background: A need has always existed among the vastly wealthy, the deeply rooted, landed aristocracy. Among those who were born into a class far above the vast majority, breathing the rarefied air of control from the cradle. Long after slavery was no longer openly practiced in Eorzea, service, both the need for service and the culture which supported it, continued to flourish. However, the methods by which such service was obtained necessarily evolved. No longer could you easily count upon a steady supply of servants, among whom the occasional gem could be discovered, plucked and polished. Bringing together those whose deep need to serve complimented those with a profound need to control and improve became paramount. Thus, a new, more specialized, school of thought evolved to identify those rare individuals with the best raw potential: to serve, to shape such service and to properly appreciate that which is offered. Countess Lucretia Drage formed the House of Gates, with the contributions of like-minded individuals, to develop a society devoted to this ideal of perfect Service, whether personal, domestic or martial. OOC Background: We are an LGBTQ+ friendly, heavy RP FC (loosely derived from such works of fiction as Kushiel’s Dart and the Marketplace) devoted to the development of three dimensional characters against the backdrop of a rich narrative framework, designed to inspire excellent RP among our members. As many of the themes involved revolve around power exchange, profound service and the like, we can only accept applications from those 18+, and such applicants must be prepared for the mature themes entertained. We strenuously adhere to strict principles surrounding such things as OOC consent, god-modding and metagaming, and expect our members to respect each other and adhere to our standards. Should story arcs involve violence, as they occasionally may, we have a custom dice system designed to fairly resolve such encounters, which will be familiar in form to any tabletop gamer. If this appeals to you, then we would love to consider your application. If you prefer to visit, our society is open to patronage and we hold public events, allowing you to get to know our members. Application Form: Application Form
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