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    Hi~! My names Alyssa, but you're free to call me by my characters name Aki!, I use they/she pronouns! MMORPG background FFXIV is the first MMORPG I've become seriously invested in, and I've been playing since abt 2016-17ish? but stopped playing for a few years due to financial issues and recently got back into it due to quarantine. RP experience On and off for about 2-3 years? I started off role-playing on minecraft haha, and then did twitter rps for a few months but never felt comfortable, so I'm trying this! Character ideas/info I don't really have set info on Aki yet as I've just been playing through the story, but I do have a WIP cardd for her - https://akivheo.carrd.co/ How did you learn about the coalition? A reddit post! I was looking up ways of how to get into FFXIV RPS and this site was one of the first options! What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? (e.g. Light, medium, or heavy) Definitely Medium, as I do play the game like normal with my friends, and have social anxiety and don't want to overwhelm myself in the beginning. Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc.) Hm, not particularly, but if we do become friends I'd be open to sharing then! And that's my intro! Hopefully I spaced this out okay, I'm not that used to forums lol, Thanks for reading! Feel free to message me or reply to this! ❤
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