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  1. I. Basic Info Player status: Brand new to FFXIV as of 12/3/20 Characters: Soniuch Ejinn and Darsaan Ejinn Primary character: Currently the twins are rarely separated Primary interests: All things Au Ra Characters' status: Definitely still Works In Progress II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy RP including character development, meaningful interpersonal relationships, DM'd events Views on RP combat and injuries: Interested in combat with the risk of injury Views on IC romance: Interested Views on non-romant
  2. I know this post's last comment just celebrated its third birthday, but I was hoping to use it as a way to meet more Xaela characters, especially if there are any other active Ejinn folks around. I'm new to the game and would like to connect with more Au Ra of any stripe. Darsaan and Soniuch Ejinn are fraternal twins
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