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  1. I wish I had noticed this thread when it was started! As I play a character with a fair amount of surviving family, it would be interesting to discover if anyone would be willing to link our toons together via blood. I play a nineteen year old Midlander Hyur born and bred in La Noscea My mother and aunt are both living as is my cousin who I've always alluded to being a female slightly older than me, but I'm not attached to either notion. I do, however, like to think myself and this 'cousin' are fairly close. Will check back often! Also this. :moogle:
  2. Aislin Rivers - Hyur Midlander This is a really interesting idea! I've always wished that in game 'mail' was utilized more frequently and this seems like an adorable means to that end. Curiosity would inevitably influence Aislin to respond to any and all mail, and likely to send some herself.
  3. Hello! My character, Aislin Rivers, comes from a working-class family and is awash with practical skills (although her methodology is often questionable, at best). I would not necessarily assert that she has 'moved up' in the world, but she finds herself in a position to experience a higher-quality of life than she was accustomed to as a child. Like my character... I've gone off on a bit of a tangent and lost my... point somewhere. I think what I was getting at, was that her means and education would give her the ability to 'skim' the outer edges of your character's hemisphere, but her hard-working sensibilities and devaluation of material wealth might make for some interesting conversations should they run into each other! Add me if you like! ~Cheers
  4. Hello, Faye! I think our character would have a very interesting back and forth! While she does study the arcane, her academic pursuits are fairly limitless, and she often freely abandons any sense of 'propriety' in pursuit of 'convenience'. In opposition to Faye, she adores taking her research into the field, but spends a fair amount of time conducting other studies in more civilized locations. With academia, I think they'll find some common ground, and with her tendency to store sand in her pockets - I think they'll find something to bicker about too. The name's Aislin Rivers! Add me if you think it might be fun when you're schedule frees up! :thumbsup:
  5. I may have misread, but I thought there was maintenance occurring at around the same time the event is scheduled? I remember being pretty disappointed about its (Maintenance's) timing because I was super excited about this event, and until coming back to check this thread, thought I had already missed it!
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