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  1. Lol, I think the last battle already happened, at least in this rendition, say, what, five years ago? So like it's spiritual predecessor, it's used for good afterwards, I believe :-)
  2. We are a brand new LS for social RPers to meet OOC, with an IC LS associated with it. Please feel free to visit our post at the linkshell hall (http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=5542) You can also visit our facebook page at facebook.com/TheBlackTowerReborn For invites, please /tell Starwind Meladon or Salty Lake
  3. Black Tower is not on that list, but it is new and is active!
  4. The Black Tower is a social Linkshell located on the Balmung server. We are an OOC home for Roleplayers who are looking for a place to gather! We will also have an IC only linkshell associated with this shell. To find out more about that, please ask us in game! For a pearl, feel free to contact Salty Lake or Starwind Meladon. Visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheBlackTowerReborn
  5. I will get in touch with some CC members and see what it would take. You'd have to work ICly finding someone in order to get the commission though. I'm fairly new but we might could work something out?
  6. Looking for an OOC AND an IC LS. Respond to this thread with info and/or contact information in game and we'll take it from there. Thanks!
  7. Sorry for the lack of info/replies, I'm not actually certain yet! I just know that I want it to be in character, but also friendly. I'm fairly new to this, but I'm noticing alot of "themed" FCs, and a few friends and I have been having trouble finding one that fits. So I was thinking something more of a home for people who didn't have a FC that wanted one that was IC and not necessarily all talk ooc stuff about content that half the members aren't able to do yet, you know? Wow, that was a run on! Also, Balmung is the server!
  8. Hope this is in the right section! Need signers for a new IC FC. Send a tell to Starwind Meladon in game.
  9. I'm on right now, Starwind Meladon, hoping for a pearl invite :-)
  10. I wouldn't really call it an exploit. It used to be vital in FFXI to stay logged in in order to sell stuff, and even in FXIV 1.0 to look for repairs and personal bazaars. Now I'm not certain if they've done away with those things so you no longer have a need to stay in, as I've been unable to log in :-)
  11. I would love an invite for both myself Starwind Meladon and my fiance, Cypher Meladon. however, we're plagued by the login issues. So mayhap you can keep an eye out for us?
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