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  1. Well sadly the game is out looks pretty and itâs not different from the beta, what a bummer I was hoping this game would be good. But no you have to live off guild leveâs for your quests or wander killings. And have fun hunting down armor or weapons.
  2. It's a bummer the buddy pass you have to give your friend the copy of the game they cannot download it from a site. Ah well I'll have to figure something out for that one.
  3. Fal thats an easy one for you when they swap look at the pad is the red light next to mode on or off? That button swaps the left joy stick and the d pad's position. Its kinda irritating if your thumb slips on it in a fight.
  4. You have to wait for the 48 hr timer to run out before it will let you trade them in right?
  5. Interesting how do you get your skill up if you cannot buy recipies and the like. Heck has anyone who's going to Limsa Lominsa tell me where any quests are other than the starter quest, or someone who sells armor?
  6. I have not seen anything about this yet and i've been trying to figure it out for a couple of days how do you join the culinary guild or the alchemist guild so you can learn new stuff?
  7. So far it's not bad i would not mind being able to actualy re-program keys to something i'm use to. But the macros are helping me get back into the feel of the game. My only issue is the gathering and the side skills like armor smithing i liked the way they were in ffxi you could just buy the recipie's as long as you had the stuff you need you could make it you did not have to hunt for one person or another. Unless you have never been to the town. Oh question for anyone know knows. Whats the macro for equiping off hand items. /equip ______ "Culinary Knife"
  8. So far I think the game looks good. Iâm not terribly impressed by menu navigation, or the hoops you have to jump to just to change jobs. And right now because you are only able to do guild leveâs for leveling or just grind itâs turning into an issue. If anyone knows how to do local levels I would love to know they let you pick them up but right now they look grayed out and unusable.
  9. Cass you might want to kill the vote change its not changing my vote its just adding another vote for that server, its not turning off after you redo the vote.
  10. Entering the tavern Berdyne quietly leans against the post behind the table of people who had given her directions listening to the conversation. Somewhat interested in what Hiname response would be.
  11. Giggling Berdyne offers the hat to Midaja with a smile. âOf course you can have it back dear. The others nodding toward the people headed to the tavern also wanted to let you know that if you wanted to join them for a drink you would be welcome to join them.â Waving to Midaja; Berdyne walks to the Drowning Wench for a meal and to hear more about the group the silver anvil.
  12. Looking around again for the girl hearing the huryn woman shouting at someone she turns looking at Midaja. The hat she had found in her hand she watches her inspecting; thinking she was around the description that she had been given. Berdyne walks to Midaja. âPardon me, um did you loose a hat?â Holds up the hat in-front of Midaja her eyes questioning?
  13. Nodding her thanks Berdyne walks off to find the girl who lost her hat. Giving a confused look as the Hyur man runs past with the bucket on his head. Shaking her head partly amused she returns to searching for the girl.
  14. LOL I would not mind swapping out the onion helm for the goggles. But meh the book and media should be good.
  15. Walking up to the group standing beside Antrekk looking a bit nervous. âUm did some one loose a hat?â Folding the fly-er she stuffs it into the bag to look at later, perhaps she will find out more later right now she was exploring the world beyond her small town.
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