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  1. My free company, The Scarlet Bloom <Bloom> is currently seeking to recruit EU members to join and to form an EU unit as we have few EU players cannot attend US events, it is our aim to become EU/US base RP FC. We wish to bring to EU players/NA players prefer EU Timezone enable to RP during GMT/EU’s Timezone and to able spend time with the FC. What is Scarlet Bloom and what is its purpose for? We are Merc/Story plot drive/Social/Combat RP FC. IC, the company set up by Lady Zasha and Nasan to give those unwanted, unloved and different from the rest, a place they can call a home, to seek for something they longed for and to find what they looking for. Homestead is a sanctuary inn and people will find the place to get away from everything and to protect from the world. The company is a Merc FC that wish to protect those people and the lands from the danger and to give people a little hope or a new hope after those lost during the Calamity and their faith in everything. They seek out to give back something those has lost. People have something to fight for and to protect. OOC, we do run many kinds of events, we held social RP sometime in the gather during the holiday seasons, we have members run their own unique personal plot whenever they can, we have our own FC story arch, members are welcome to make events whenever they can and each officer/team leaders have their weekly events and offer free slots those members wish to run something for the event. Bloom is a company that encourages all sorts of different styles of roleplaying styles but Free Company Story is built on a build your own adventure, heavy story base. If you do not like huge scripted events we may not be a good fit for your RP style If you have lots of questions or curious about our company, please do reach out (Discord tag can be seen below here.) or any officers or Team Leader if Marina D'arca is not online. FC leader/co-leader: Lerran Nemas/Acelin Temier or Zasha Hope Officers: Lucerna Sainahs or Kiest Resad To be aware, before to filling in. Please do not apply as an alt, Mains are our focus for application. We can run Alts on a case by case situation for new applicants so if you are determined to apply as an alt, please talk with an officer of the company prior to see if we’ll make exceptions. Right now, we are not running any EU event as we don’t have EU members yet expect Marina, herself and one EU member and once we get a few people and we will start on EU events but when you join, please make sure to be aware of that. If you are interesting in joining, please do reach out Marina D'arca or her discord Darca#5171 or filling the form to apply. (Link below) https://scarletbloom.enjin.com/apply
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    The "Shipping" Thread

    Hmmm....... *closely examines phrasing* *Turns on powers of perviness* Ah! Yep!! There's DEFINITELY something very dirty about the wording here. Yep. *nods scholarly* -innocent-
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    The "Shipping" Thread

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    Ema's Commissions~

    GO YOU GURL! <3:moogle:
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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    But bby.... IT WAS THE BEST DAY! <3
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    The Screenshot Thread [Tag Your Spoilers]

    Huehue <3
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    Hello o/

    Thanks for these lovely welcome and help out. I will keep these in mind and questions. I will make sure to add some of you guys or /tell in-game c: Once again, thank you so much for help out!
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    Hello o/

    I just transfer to Balmung from Siren. I've been RP'ed on WoW/Guild Wars 2 for a long time and I enjoy to roleplay since they are fun and interesting, I find myself to exploring and many more ^^. I've asked around on /shout to seek for RP'ers but there were no response :c. Where can I find them? Are they in the city? Or somewhere. Where can I find an RP guild or whatever. It would be nice if anybody can help me out and I'm looking forward to RP on Balmung ^^. Or whisper me in-game, Name is Marina D'arca. Thanks! - J