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  1. Guess ill join in. ruinfeild2 is my skype name.
  2. Huh...well that is perhaps one of the most disturbing things I have seen in a while. Good thing there doesn't seem to be any that are the size of Roegadyns.
  3. I would like to let everyone know for those who are looking to get on Balmung even with the character restriction, I transferred my main from Gilga over to Balmung with ease. So apparently it only counts when you are trying to make alts(course I don't know how many are either trying to transfer or make new characters)
  4. Just got down with the speed meeting. Im looking forward to this one!
  5. I. Basic Info Characters:Ruinfeild Oakshield Primary character:Ruinfeild Oakshield Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: [*]II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Since I first started Rping when I was 12(24 years of age now), I enjoy RP much more than playing the game at times. WoW is the only other game I played where I did RP and I did so across multi characters. My style has been told to be unique(though I don't understand stand how), and I enjoy meeting new people IC and OOC who love to rp. Views on RP combat and injuries: Combat and injuries happen and they are a part of RP. I dislike most/many of the ways combat is done, so I tend to stick with the 'hit for a hit' rule. Granted this has caused me to lose more fights IC than most, I find this the most fair rule and perhaps sometimes(if done right) the most fun. Injuries themselves I focus hard on when my character receives them. I like to show that my character is not some unstoppable giant who can ignore most if not any wound be it in a fight or not. Unless they are serious wounds, I tend to fall back on not handling many of them IC since it doesn't keep a lot of interest for people I RP with. Views on IC romance: Though this may seem a bit strange, IC romance is perhaps my favorite kind of RP. Not only do to my love for romance in general(Says the man who has been single for 5+ years), but I find it the most difficult to do without repeating yourself. Relationships IC are important and when I do focus on them, I do so in a way that still allows my character to remain who he is, but show more of a softer side. In a sense, I try to be a realistic as possible. This includes ERP, where I accept it as long as it is part of the story(most of the time). There are times when I will do ERP be it if there is an IC romance or not either due to me personally trying to keep my skills up to par(If I am gonna RP, I might as well be able to do both sides well), or because it fits with my character. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Non-romantic RP is amazing when the person I find can keep both me and my character interested. Though I have yet to actually do an RP where my character has family, I have seen it done before(WoW and even in Final Fantasy) and I enjoy watching and/or participating in it when given the chance. It allows for character build-up that you won't normally get just by going out and fighting all the time or sitting by yourself meeting strangers. Views on lore: Depending on the game, I tend to not really care about lore, though there is a limit where even I draw the line. In WoW, I broke the lore just a bit or bent it so I could create a unique character who no one seemed to have a problem with simply because he was not all powerful or destroyed the lore. If done right, anyone could twist the lore to their own end and do the same, but have to be very careful about how their character/s lives, acts, fights, etc. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Nothing much to say...join what you want and stay with what you like. Great way to meet people(met a lot of good people through Driftwood coast cause of them). Though the chat system could use a little more work(one area being where it just breaks and leaves the chat box while you are typing cause all types of madness). [*]III. Other Info Country:Washington State in the US Timezone: UTC-8 Contact info:Gilgamesh-Ruinfeild Oakshield Skype: Ruinfeild2 Or contact me by E-mail: Ruinfeild1@yahoo.com if you wanna get something set up RP wise.
  6. ((Sorry. Just got back from a convention and felt like crap afterwards) He knew that it was strange to have his weapon placed on nearby and in the shape it was in, but he didn't seem to care. To him, it showed that he was serious about the work he was doing and that he wasn't someone who was green when it came to battle. His eye did move to the axe a few times as he scratched the eye patch that covered his destroyed left one. Bad memories all around...but that was a long time ago now. Hearing a voice nearby, he looked up toward two Paladins for a moment who did nothing but glance his way before turning to a man who had seemed interested. "Aye...a job that I had planned on doing alone, but I suppose others could join in. Nothing like some company is there?" Hearing a voice he knew could only be Mikh, Ruin turned with a wide grin. "Depends...how many more scars and wounds do ya want love?" Nodding toward the chair, he did the same with Franz before spreading out the papers on the table. "I am sure you know how the primal's are summoned. Large amount of crystal and praying seems to be the lot of it and every time they are defeated, more crystals are needed. Least that is what I gathered...so this job is to simply distract them while our employer sneaks in, steals a good chunk, and leaves. We are to distract not just a small portion of the Sagahin, but the entire tribe if we can. Which means a lot of fighting and a lot of blood."
  7. ((Balmung people are also welcome to join. Just cause we are different servers doesn't mean we cant enjoy RP together)) Seeing as how none had come at the bait of gil, Ruin couldn't help but smirk as he leaned right into the chair with as his right hand tapped the stack of papers in front of him. By all accounts, he had the look that made him out to be a fierce warrior, but Ruin was more than that. He was older and wiser than most which allowed him to think a step ahead of most enemies that he encountered. His experience in the war and the many decades of service as a Sultansworn allowed him to see what people were capable of if given the chance. That also extended to the beastmen who continued to summon their primal gods. Reaching up with his left hand, he rubbed his temples. Leadership had been pushed on him recently which also meant he was unable to simply focus on pure paperwork. He would have to hold meetings, meet people of different companies to hold alliances and what not...something he felt was better suited for the younger generation. "Why me of all people..." Ruins whining was low and in a whisper, meant only for him. After readjusting himself a few times in the chair, he found himself leaning back over the stack of papers as he began to put them side by side until a total of a dozen or so documents laid out in front of him. Four were maps, three dossiers, three lists of enemies that could be encountered, and two pages of what the employer was expecting. Reaching out toward the dossiers, he wanted to get a good idea of who would be going. There was no way he would allow greens in this operation, for he didn't want their deaths on his hands because they were untrained. The Sahagin were no pushovers, and he knew that first hand right before they summoned Leviathan. Letting out a heavy sigh, he focused merely on all the reading that would be done...
  8. ((Sorry if this is only for Balmung since that's the only people I see here. Gonna need to represent Gilgamesh.)) This job had been sitting to the side for quite some time. With the opening of the house of Bento, creating the interior of the house, and making it look as perfect as they could get it....well, lets just say that getting things done for jobs was a pain. Resting back in the chair of the Quicksand in his good ol second home of Ul'dah, this rugged and beaten looking male of a Roegadyn eyed over the documents. He had sent out whispers that he needed people to help even though he could have had handled this on his own...with major risk of death of course. Standing the average height of a Roegadyn, his white sideburns filled into the beard and down his neck with no hair to show either under his nose or on any part of his hair. Wrinkles centered around both eyes showing signs of his age as a burned mark started above his right eye, moving halfway around his head before stopping and nearly missing the ear. An eye patch covered his right eye as his armor consisted of the darkened armor gained from the new ventures in Tam-tara and the like. Next to him, his axe covered in blood leaned against the table. "Lets see how many people decide to show up. If anything, mercenaries might jump on it with the amount of gil involved..."
  9. Welcome to Gilgamesh! As always, if you are looking for a Linkshell or two for RP reasons(A bit of OOC as well), contact me in-game to see what we can get started. Perhaps we can even Rp together at some point to get you broken in.
  10. Huzzah! Another Lalafel for Gilgamesh! I see that you are looking for some Linkshells to join in for RP. Contact me in-game(same name as this one) and I will see to getting you into a linkshell or two. I know there are also lalafel only Linkshells that you can try for.
  11. Welcome to Gilgamesh! If you are looking for any linkshells that are open and do something for RP, I can give you a few to join, Just contact me in-game (Ruinfeild the Roegadyn) and I will try and get you into at least a few that I know of.
  12. Welcome to Gilgamesh! If you want an FC to join, there are a few that I can recommend for ya including a few of the Linkshells out there. Just contact me in-game whenever I am on and I will be more than happy to get you started.
  13. Welcome to Gilgamesh. If you ever need any help getting into RP linkshells or just RP in general, send me a message on Ruinfeild Oakshield. I tend to be on whenever I can every day so you might see me quite a bit. Look forward to hearing from ya!
  14. Try to look me up in game when you can. I tend to be on every day for a bit(or if I got nothing to do a lot longer), so don't be afraid to send me a friend request or a tell.
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