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  1. Adepts of Magitek is a new RP FC on Mateus. We're looking to be a medium-ish RP FC that's not afraid to content from time to time. Our theme, is obviously, Magitek: exploration and adventuring to find old magitek or inspiration for new magitek, while researching and developing new magitek. While this doesn't necessarily mean it will translate into tangible in game items, it sometimes may. And from time-to-time we may share the fruits of our innovations with the rest of the server (if we can). To that end, we are looking for RPers of all types. Your character doesn't need to be a huge
  2. Is it active? Can't compare it to Balmung, but it's slow been picking up. Quicksand used to be empty, but now a handful of RPers hang out in the area. I've connected with most of the people I RP with via sending them /tells or digging around the forum or the RPM (Mateus RPing Discord). It's okay to check the Quicksands once in a while, but I wouldn't recommend that to be your only source in trying to look for new people to connect with. Mateus only has started gaining a lot of population due to Balmung being locked down so it's hard to say whether it's going to be the another unofficia
  3. Hey everyone, I may (nothing for certain) jumping ship to Mateus. I am curious as to how active and potentially stable the RPing is. Does it seem like it could remain steady for years and be like Balmung? Or does it seem like it could go the way of Gilgamesh and just end up merging back into Balmung before long? (Or maybe my hypothesis about Gilgamesh is right and there isn't an issue about that...) Is it active? Can I walk into frequented Balmung RP places on Mateus and find RP? Or is it more hidden from public? Not trying to crush dreams or anything. Just want to know the vali
  4. It just so happens that I'd be vacating a small Goblet house if I succeeded!
  5. Hello fellow RPers! I am looking for either a person or an FC who has a small house in Mist and is ready to bolt for Shirogane (or anywhere else) as soon as they can when the next round of housing (likely Shirogane) comes out. All I'm looking for is the house plot, that I can camp out in front of and pray that you get in during the bedlam that will undoubtedly follow the release of the new housing so I can claim your vacated plot as my own. This is of course provided that what I've heard is hopefully going to happen turns out to be true about moving a house. That being that if y
  6. Normally I sleep or play something else or write. But right now? I am getting myself ready. Because:
  7. How do you all look at those two prefixes? When you see someone open to "Mature RP" or "Dark RP" what do you interpret that as? For me there isn't any difference. But this is talking entirely in an 8x8 cell. And when I go out of that bubble, I start to differentiate. For me, Dark RP is anything grim or R-Rated. Violence, torture, war, etc. But I don't exactly exclude "NC-17" from the list either. It's just a part of the list. I usually these days consider "Mature RP" to not have much difference from "ERP" except "ERP" may just be "ERP for ERP's sake" while Mature may still have a rea
  8. Injury, absolutely. Either physical or emotional it just depends on the story and where it's going. If my character needs to be the victim of a no holds barred beatdown for the good of the RP, sure. Death though? Not usually. Just because my story finishes, doesn't mean I can't start another one or jump into another one. Death is too finite. Unless I thought that there was nowhere else I could go with my character, I would avoid death like the plague. Besides, I'd then have to spend money on a name change and Fantasia which I'm not all that keen on.
  9. I know this isn't exactly something people will line up for, but I figured I might as well try. I'm looking for a good antagonist/villain. What am I looking for? Someone greedily and obnoxiously rich, stuck-up assholish nobility, or someone with some sort of power/sway (IE: Pirate captain, merc lord, etc.) (or a combination!) IC. Preferably Hyur or Elezen (will consider other races though). A few goons never hurt anyone (save for an unfortunate hero). Someone who is nice OOCly (I'll talk to people I know to find out your OOC reputation). Someone who has more than a little rep
  10. Talk about marketing bombardment...:dazed: Can I meet with you all in game so I can ask questions and find out more?
  11. Kind of a hybrid. Where the individual stories connect up to form an overarching metaplot. But I would want to lean heavier towards the FC-centric plot.
  12. Hmm... I suppose I'm looking for an established FC: steady, stable, good hierarchy, etc. Probably no more than a several dozen members. As for IC concerns, nothing too rigid, I suppose. Dunno if that helps, I'll be honest.
  13. Hey all, I'm looking for an RP FC. A friend of mine recommended I look for a smaller, more close-knit one, so I'll try that. Any leads? Thanks!
  14. And end up there. You know, over there? ... OK, in all seriousness here's what I'm looking to start with and I'm what I'm looking to eventually move to: I'm looking to start off with an evil/more than a little less reputable organization, and at some point "grow a conscience", and betray this organization to a more reputable one, thus making a few good RP enemies (because you need those as much, if not more, than you need friends in my opinion) in the process. A few rules about me: I don't mind E/M (whatever it's called these days...) RP if it has a purpose (just k
  15. Or something to that effect. Yet, none of you ever walk up. You're all welcome to being walked up to, yet not to walking up? And I'm not just referring to myself in this instance. I see a lot of people always standing around, willing to be walked up to but not willing to walk up. Why?? It completely boggles my mind... :dazed:
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