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  1. Jenova is still alive here, still kicking for 2+ years. We are currently getting our linkshell in order due to people vanishing and going inactive and being way too full. Hopefully soon we can get all the info in order to post them in FC and Linkshell stuff, currently I believe there are two or three FCs that rp, but recently a few more showed up so we shall see.
  2. I am in hopes that Jenova does pick up, we lost many to Balmung over the years but surprisingly been still strong, though with everyone waiting for Stormblood most rp has slowed in prep. Even so as evidence that a small rp community can thrive, I hope to see more grow all over, but of coarse I root for my own server .
  3. Says one from Balmung, I jest of coarse. Honestly though I can say there are obvious pros and cons that have been pointed out from many different angles at this point. Truth be told, what needs to happen now is how to deal with whats has happened, now that Balmung is locked away for gods know how long, how do we start growing communities elsewhere and support those growing currently?
  4. As someone who just checked it, no they don't even list the servers on the service right now.
  5. Honestly this is like my third introduction so if I get in trouble for doing so many I apologize but I often disappear for a year and who knows who left when you pop your head back up. I'll consider this as an introduction for those who never met me which im sure is a majority of you. As said above, I am from Jenova and was once on Balmung in the beginning. I transferred to Jenova to help a small rp community grew and it luckily has done so as many of us casually rp, even though many of us focus end game. Even so I don't want to simply cut off chances of meeting like minded people though other means. My Role Play experience is more casual than most but I have years of experience ranging from Warcraft to some forum rp and now Final Fantasy. I tend to be the quiet type these days though, not always shy sometimes the unheard blade is the deadliest, but I do role play a range of characters depending on my character limits. Luckily I only rp two characters to this date so that's something. Anyway I hope to make new connections and this time hopefully I wont simply disappear now that I no longer hope games and have found my home in Final Fantasy.
  6. I made it my personal mission to come find you on Jenova now. Even though I have a Character on Balmung, I been wanting to try out the new race so Jenova was my pick. I will pm in game once I get settled in.
  7. I heard there was an rp group extending out to Jenova, due to Balmung and Gilgamesh being locked for creation. I have an alt on there currently just scouting to see how the scene is going to be and to hopefully help out the best I can. If you want contact info for my character over there, just pm me and we can set up something. Until then, best of luck.
  8. Welcome to Balmung, glad you enjoy the peaceful nature we have to offer, and the less gold spammers *shutters* In any case I hope you find what you are looking for and if we see each other we can rp.
  9. Welcome to Balmung good sir, I hope you find many an rp. In any case hope to ee you around, we can rp then. Lucky for you to have a various amount of characters on the server, hopefully they get around to the lock out issues.
  10. Greeting and good tidings. I hope you find the FC you are looking for. Luckly there are tons of rp companies out there so nabbing one isn't all to difficult. In the mean time, hopefully I will see you around and if I do we can always rp. Until then, have a good time in Eorzea.
  11. Due to the fact Balmung is locked, and for awhile it seems, me and a few friends are starting on Jenova. I happened upon you post and would like to extend my help if needed. If not I will still like to join the linkshell and possibly grow a community with others. Seeing as I am mostly on my other character leveling you can send me a private message through here, or I will just try to hunt you down in game. Names of the Character on the server is "Xaries Rosario" just incase you send me a request or something.
  12. Redariesye


    Welcome, you and I are sort of in the same boat . In any case welcome back and I hope you find your role-play atmosphere.
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