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  1. Dont forget guys and ghouls! Our All Saints Wake Maze event starts tomorrow!
  2. Well, we know that there are several other events on for Halloween as well as day to day life like work/school. We are having the event over 5 days to try and give everyone a chance to get to it, with possibility or later times if there is enough interest
  3. http://41.media.tumblr.com/6fac51052052bebb66b79df4355d1bfc/tumblr_nv1i90k8oa1r55962o1_500.jpg[/img] ALL SAINTS WAKE MAZE! We will be opening our doors during select times of the day to allow players to enter our basement labyrinth! Come as your are or in costume, IC or OOC, this event is for everyone to enjoy! We ask that when you walk our maze, you have walk on and are in first person mode. For more information, contact myself or Keroa Mosuke ingame! HAPPY HAUNTING! FROM 3-5 pm EST October 25th - 30th Server: Balmung
  4. Character Name: Granil Tempish Tell a few things about yourself that might interest bidders: Granil is a random little lalafell with an eye for crazy and a heart of gold. He is an expert Alchemist AND is very good with all Schools of Magic. After an encounter with another crazy, short person from another dimension, he tends to rhyme on occassion. He also has an interesting sense of humour which will either have you laughing along with him or looking at him and wondering "What?" though once you get past the layer of crazy and shyness, you will find a good heart wrapped in warm, fuzzy snuggles
  5. Wandering idly around the Goblet, Granil never really paid much attention to where he was going. Somehow finding his way back to the company house, he walks through the gates, blissfully unaware of the Delivery Moogle trying to grab his attention. Finally, with the Moogle screeching Kupo's and waving maniacally in his face, Granil noticed him. Tilting his head to the right, he considers the Moogle "Hmm? Messages or bundley parcels do you have for me mayhap?" The moogle, cheeks pinker than usually from exertion, throws a package at Granils feet before fluttering back to his post. Tilting h
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