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  1. Thank you for hosting the event, it was fun acting as a head chef with Gis!
  2. Sven

    A Court of Cards Talent Competition

    Thanks for hosting the event, it was a lot of fun to attend!
  3. Sven

    Celebration of The Trader

    Thank you everyone who hosted the event, it was lovely ^^
  4. Sven

    Elezen Connections and/or LS

    Just joined the LS today. Is it an OOC or IC one? Not sure how I should use it, don't want to spam people.
  5. Aww I wish I was in town to go! Looks like it was fun, I'll have to try and catch any future events your fc might hold, I really liked the one I went to before ^^
  6. Sven

    Fish fry, and fight tournament!

    Thank you and the others for hosting! I definitely had fun C:
  7. 1. Directory Info: Elezen Name: Annouille Andouillant (Annie) Elezen clan: Wildwood Gender: Cis Male Timezone: EST Looking for?: Medium RP and IC/OOC fishing friends 2. Does your character fit the 'common' lore of your elezen or are they singular? Singular. 3. What are your Rp limits, if any? No ERP please, but feel free to make as much innuendo and double entendres as you want.
  8. Sven

    Fish fry, and fight tournament!

    Sounds fun! I'll be there unless something comes up at short notice.
  9. Sven


    Thank you, nice to meet you too! Still figuring out how to use the site and where everything is, but I'll get to those once I have more time.
  10. Sven


    Registered on the site a while ago but never really got around to posting anything because I don't know how to do introductions. On Balmung and a bit shy, but if you ever see me loitering around in Limsa Lominsa or the other city-states, out fishing somewhere, or at an rp event, feel free to address my character if you want to! I'm rarely busy in-game unless waiting for a duty, and you can always send a tell if you want to check first. I'm EST and usually online whenever I'm free, though I'll start playing less once school restarts. My main character is Annouille Andouillant (50 SCH) though he just goes by Annie because it's much easier to say and spell. In his free time he enjoys fishing and eating cake, but not simultaneously because he'd drop one or the other. He hopes to one day start a business with his little sister. I guess that's pretty much it? How do I socialize.