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  1. I like this idea. Eorzean Yellow Pages Theme: Mercenary/Contract work Free Company Name: Company of Heroes <> Contacts: Liam Connor, Krys'a Lyrabhe, or anyone in the FC (they will let me know if I'm on an alt) Website: http://cohfc.enjin.com
  2. I'd like to toss my Vallyn Bloosteel into the costume contest if at all possible.
  3. I'd like to throw Rick in there to be sold. Rick Fairchild wiki
  4. Name: Lyn Blaires Race: Elezen Duskwight Gender: Female Age: 26 On is usually more content to listen to others talk about themselves than talk about herself. She is just training with a sword and doesn't find herself all that interesting. She is friendly and curious and comfortable in the company of most anyone.
  5. I do believe I've been kindly asked (told) by A'xun to MC the event. I shall do my best to deliver the most flattering information I can about those who are offering themselves to be auctioned. It will be a pleasure to help the Speakeasy and I thank all those who are volunteering.
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