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  1. Hi everyone! I have a male Xaela of the Ejinn tribe that I want to get into an LGBT Friendly FC of other Xaela or something that would work well for him.
  2. Ah, Evandrus is aligned with House Fortemps as well! I might join an Ishgard LS too! Depending on how the patch turns out, I might just have him step down to a knight or something for Fortemps.
  3. Thanks guys! This makes me feel a little better now considering. I'm sure when the expansion comes, I'll have to retcon a lot, but right now I'm sticking with the lore as much as I am able. Anyway, I was getting paranoid by my search for threads regarding DRG and getting "I would NEVER play a dragoon IC!". All things considering I'm pretty mindful of being a special snowflake, so it was hard to hear.
  4. I've just recently been informed that being a dragoon is "special snowflake" "gary stu/mary sue". Is it strange that a character could possibly work with all he had to become said Dragoon? Why is it not strange that there are monks, scholars, white mages, etc, jobs that do not even exist anymore, are running around? I have never once run around with an air of superiority as a Dragoon. In fact, it is never even really mentioned. But for some reason, you're automatically deemed "special snowflake" for something your character suffered to become but is instantly regretful of doing so. I'm not sure how I should word this, I just don't understand why with every miqo'te running around as a Nunh and a million sultansworn and undercover Garleans, that being a Dragoon is such an awful thing. I guess this post is really me complaining, but I would like an answer or opinion.
  5. Hello! I'm very interested in assembling various Dragoon PCs that play Dragoons in character. Currently, I have my main Evandrus as a Dragoon and I would enjoy having other Dragoons to goon around with or come up with serious RP's regarding Ishgard and Coerthas (though I expect to be ignored because "weh weh special snowflake" nonsense). Evandrus himself is not too terribly invested in the Holy See, but mainly stays employed out of necessity. He is a greenhorn at being a professional Dragoon.
  6. Flora kind of dragged me into replying, but she kind of already hit the main points of everything. I'm cool with an LS for people from LAM and totally up for being a cousin to you. Evandrus has slowly trickled into being my alt, but I'm on him occasionally. If you have a plot or want to RP you can always ask me to get on. ;D Other than that, yeah it sounds like a good idea. (Not really sure what to say here LOL)
  7. Hey guys! I'm on here nearly every day and I do belong to an FC, but there aren't many people that are especially active RPers. That being said, I'm looking for some people to casually and seriously play scenarios with. I'm open to all genders, races and RPs (even if it happens to progress to ERP, though tasteful ERP). Take a look at Evandrus' Wikipage and feel free to add and message me.
  8. I just started here too, on my trial, but definitely gonna buy and sub. I'd love to RP with you when I get a little more levels established! Here's Evandrus' profile, still a wip.
  9. I would love to RP with you when I get Evandrus fleshed out a little more. Currently he's level 5 and I've just started the game. I like the Miqo'te lore and I'd love to learn more. I'm still in the process of development with his character and identity. I think he needs to meet someone like him that can help him appreciate his own lineage. Romantic relationships are great too, but as you said, it's better if it happens naturally.
  10. Hi I'm MantraofYosuga and this is not my first MMO, but definitely one that I am attempting to make myself invested in. I currently am using my two week free trial, but I plan on purchasing the game, etc. --I've been roleplaying on forums since the later half of 2006, though the activity has definitely dwindled. I am hoping to rekindle the passion I once had for it. -- Here's my main character Evandrus' page on the wikia, though it is in the wrong spot. Any help I can get to put it in the right place would be wonderful. -- I definitely want to try to be a heavy roleplayer, staying mostly in character throughout the game. Forums will be me unless specifically in an rp thread. Thanks for looking! I hope to make some new friends.
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