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  1. Yhen Yizeh

    Sup. Anyone remember me?

    snip sorry
  2. Yhen Yizeh

    Sup. Anyone remember me?

    I don't have any grudges towards anyone anymore. I expect the same respect towards me. Thank you.
  3. Yhen Yizeh

    Sup. Anyone remember me?

    I wouldn't call it fun, but I needed a break from this community. I found it and I have a fresh way of looking at things.
  4. Yhen Yizeh

    Sup. Anyone remember me?

    I'm kind of a bitch, so I don't blame people if they hate me. Let's try to make up.
  5. Yhen Yizeh

    Gun Control: How deadly are they in Eorzea?

    Elfs with guns. Taking over. But it won't be long.
  6. Yhen Yizeh


    Hi. How is everyone?
  7. I don't know what an Au Ra is but I googled it and it's a tablet for reading. My character will buy one and read her favorite books.
  8. Yhen Yizeh

    Thoughts on the Au Ra?

    They are au raght with me 8-)
  9. Yhen Yizeh

    I am considering leaving

    I'm honestly really glad you posted here. Thank you. Sometimes, do you think it's better to try to understand someone than insult them? I know that I haven't been doing a good job at this, but do you think that you've incited me to a point where my only course of action was to retaliate against you? I took a few days off and honestly, I'm not mad at you. I just want things to be good between me and everyone.
  10. Yhen Yizeh

    I am considering leaving

    It's honestly a bit of what. So what? Give me a fucking break. I'm a person with specific needs. Deal with it. You're unnecessarily snarky in every thread. Sorry if I don't take your apology at face value.
  11. Yhen Yizeh

    I am considering leaving

    Ever since playing here, I've been bullied and put aside as an outcast. No one seems to be on my side. I don't really know what this post is going to accomplish. I hope that people will be sympathetic towards me and maybe others stop being so mean, because I do take all of it to heart and it hurts. ):
  12. Yhen Yizeh


    Trigger warning.
  13. Yhen Yizeh

    Questions regarding Tiergan's Crazy Plot

    I didn't remove your post. I don't have the forum permissions to do that. (Only our mighty forum mods and Freelance can do so I think!) Are you sure you posted something? Yeah, he deleted it for being "off-topic". Are you still refusing to RP with me because your friends bully me?
  14. Why did you remove my post? I am wondering where my name is.
  15. It doesn't matter. A very small detail. I love it soooo much. Oh my god. THANK YOU.