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  1. This is a pretty easy question for me to answer, the fact that I have NO idea what is considered "normal" and normal seems to very widely from person to person.. Are PLDs common? or are their only a group of them? is any "Job" common? most in this world would probably NOT wana go into, and do the things we (assuming there are high lvls) go and do every day because it might mean certain death. Even the core "How does Psysick" work gets called into question when you think about it, Can I use Eos? or Selene? It frightens me to do a lot of this stuff, because I'm worried about social phopas and the "You WhAT?!" and getting the jeers of people saying that Drassy is overpowered. so typically I use Scholar more to its name then its class.. I read a lot.. I'm still studding to become a great knight (that will probably never happen) so.. yeah Its why I tend to not engage unless engaged, don't get me wrong you poke me all bets are off!
  2. Well thank you all for the replies! I hope I get to meet a few of you sooner or later!
  3. Its kind of why I started doing stuff like this -Motions to all of the post- So that people kind of realize I'm not just an observer I wana get involved so.. if ya see me and want to poke me we can do something! Hehe or if someone is recruiting for a cool FC... I wana set my room back up ;-; its cold in the streets.. -sniffles-
  4. Whhhhhh! you mean the thing that I was doing to try to be a little more IC was actually driving people away!
  5. Heya, I'm Drasilla, Dras or Dra does just fine as well, I'm a bit of an introvert and never know how to start these things. I have recently decided to make a change in FC after years? in the last one. They had no interest in RPing and I do So, here we are.. With me reading a book.. In Quicksand.. Alone.. wondering how I do such a thing.. Well I suppose this might help: Drasilla Black Class/Profession: Scholar, Learning the arts of war. Race: Xalea Au'ra Gender: Female Age: Rude.. don't ask a lady her age.. Description: A bit of an oddity, short, even for a Au'ra female, black hair with red highlights and one, dead, soulless eye. Dark Blueish scales (She is a Xalea after all, she has her mother's scales) and tanish skin. [align=center]The background is kind of a work in progress and such, It's been a long time since 1.0 and well, I'm no longer a gladiator. [/align] [align=center](I figure I could twist the Scholar thing into learning battlefield tactics, and swordplay and the like from them, but shes.. kinda clumsy, OH she loves books to.)[/align] [align=center]Looking for: Friends, Associates, Acquaintances, an FC (Big time), LSs are nice (but they dont help me move my room back in)[/align] [align=center]In case anyone cares:[/align] [align=center][/align] ((ALSO! Thank you to @SapphireSkylines, I kinda stole your format cause I was lost at ware to start))
  6. I. Basic Info Characters: Drasilla Black Primary character: Drasilla Black Linkshells: Private Primary RP linkshell: None yet. II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): I don't mind, anything I suppose, Heavy stuff with lots of lore intimidates me a little because I don't know much about the lore but I don't mind getting dark.. Views on RP combat and injuries: I don't mind, but I swear if you don't take a hit ever its never happening again.. No one is superman to my knowledge.. (Why would you want to beat up the healer anyway.. DAS MEAN) Views on IC romance: Ehhhhhhhhh We'll talk. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Open. I don't mind, message me though. Views on lore: I know little to none even though I'm Max level, been a wile since I've played and looking to get back into it on the RP side.. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Will default to the group norm such as "/em tilts her head "Will this do?"" or "Tilts her head "Will this do" so on and so forth whatever everyone does I'll just pick it up. III. Other Info Country:US Timezone: EST Contact info: in game, messages
  7. Well to answer your question with another question: How do you actually die? I mean sure it might be dangerous but Raise is a fairly common spell now, so sure you might die but a nice conjuer might come along and help you, so what are the long lasting implications of the raise spell? Is it barrowing time from the end of your life? Is each raise 5 minutes off the tail end of your life? Or is death now like suffering a concussion? Have one to many and it just stops working, and thats it? I mean i am super new to RPing in FFXIV but surely we don't all pretend that Raise, Cure and Psych arent things, on top of that there are always potions. But to really answer your question I would imagine that its dangerous outside the walls but most people inside are somewhat all right, a few thieves and beggers a dead body now and again but not eveyone is going to shank you in the back. But thats just like.. one cats crazy rantings man.. *passes the catnip to the next poster.*
  8. Allo, I'm a "new" Miqo'te player, much like the other post that was put up yesterday I'm coming back from a long hiatus. (as yes I am talking from like 1.0 heck if we cout 11 ive been playing for the better part of a century.) However I don't have to much of a background for Drassy or the lore of the world. I needs the help! So I suppose this is the place to come I hope?
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