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  1. Hurhur I'll chat with you at some point Eva~ Oh, I'm also currently looking for an Arcanist mentor type for Loe! So if you have a character looking for a student, let me know
  2. Loe

    The bored at work thread

    I'd be fired because I'd ask him what his excuse was for not being able to mend buttons according to his logic.
  3. Loe

    Persona 5 Trailer of Awesomeness

    Not really... The phantom thief comment is part of her social link where it's explained
  4. Loe

    The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Semi Open)

    Upon feeling the fur pressing against his leg, the young boy would turn in a panic, his leg raising to... well, kick the cat away viciously as he staggered back into the wall, pale and looking like he just felt death touch him. He wouldn't even notice it was a cat. He'd slump against the wall and sink down, clearly terrified by the simple act of something touching his leg. Both his eyes were open, amber orbs wide in terror as he breathed rapidly and shallowly. He didn't scream though.
  5. Loe

    The Itsy Bitsy Spider (Semi Open)

    What was that jingling noise...? He had heard it for a while now... Leaning up from the sofa he had been laying in with a book open, Loe stood, closing the book and tucking it under his arm as he moved to walk down the hall towards where the rooms were. The young Miqo'te stopped when he caught sight of Jaques and Vaughn. He hesitated before approaching them, as if unsure of their identity in the darkened halls. Loe looked up at them with his large amber eyes, shifting down to the floor quickly. People didn't like being looked at, or at least, that's what he was taught growing up. He kept his shoulders down and his presence meek, not wanting to disrupt anything. Rubbing the back of his head, Loe shifted from foot to foot. "Er... I keep hearing a jingling sound... it's different from the usual sounds of people here at night as they... er... do things..." He'd quiet down, glancing up for a brief moment. "Do you know what it is?"
  6. Loe

    Soul Crystals?

    As far as I can think (I'm no expert on lore, but whatever) this would be possible but not the norm. As far as I can tell, such a thing would most likely be the result of some dark magic (thinking along the lines of Tam-tara hard, but not quite as intense) and would be likely to make the average Eorzean quite uncomfortable to be around. But yeah. I'm not an expert, so don't take my sole word for it. That's the idea I was going for. Anyone else have anything I should know?
  7. Loe

    Soul Crystals?

    Now, for my next question, would it be possible for a stone to have a sentient soul in it? Like possessing it?
  8. Loe

    Persona 5 Trailer of Awesomeness

    It's the first PV, more will come. You can tell because they labelled it "1." I'm guessing the cast we just saw is only the beginning trio. We'll probably see the other characters you can add to your group in future PVs. This is double supported by the fact that we see five different designs in the scene where they're jumping around at a distance. So we have at least two more main characters that we've been yet to be introduced to, given the fact that there were also five chairs in the original teaser... Which would still make this one of the smaller casts of the Persona games. As for the story, if you look into all the games that are connecting, you'll notice that in the P4 Arena game, there was a mention of some items causing trouble and being capable of throwing people into the shadow world and causing distortions in the real world, with it heavily hinted that the events in Persona 4 being a drastic example of this. So, given the trailer, how the characters are all wearing burglar costumes and we see the main character partaking in a theft during the day, it's very possible that the plot of the game is going to involve them stealing items that have Shadow capabilities and properties. It's very likely the items warn and introduce shadows to the environments they're in as well, creating the 'dungeons' of this game. There's also the possibility that the main characters aren't necessarily the good guys but anti heroes of sorts, because in the universe we've been shown this to be set in, there is a group with government backing lead by some of the characters from P3 dealing with this kind of stuff. So it wouldn't be too out of the ball park if the characters are going against them to steal the items for some personal reason, which could mean that the men in black we saw were from the organization. I get this mostly because this vibe doesn't really paint them as edgey heroes or good guys, it mostly shows them as somewhat shady and plucky individuals with a lot of darker colors and imagery- which if you've been a fan of Persona for a while know this hints heavily to the general mood of the story. As for the scene at the end with the evil smirk and fire, I'm hoping this will mark the return of a subject in some of the earlier games of morality and corruption. Also, it looks like we're getting a jazz/soft rock type of sound for this, which between the hip hop/pop/rock and pop/rock from previous games, I'm so ready for.
  9. Loe

    Soul Crystals?

    So, what's the dealio on these? How much can someone put into one? What are they even? Could someone put their entire soul and essence into one to be pulled out later? Like, how do these even work?
  10. I'd like to see if there are any other folks around level 15 who'd like to run dungeons with me. I want to be a scholar, but I need to get from 15 t 30 to do that. So, I'm stuck as a DPS until then. I'm going through the storyline, and waiting for 40 minutes to run the dungeon is slowing me down. I'd like to ask if anyone wants to join me in doing these dungeons.
  11. Loe has recently been taken in by a FC known as Phoenix Rose, but I'm still looking for people to RP with him! So, fee lfree to add me on Loe Na if you want to RP with him. If I'm not him, then I'm on Ayleth Abbey!
  12. Ah! Hello everyone! I'd like to try making some connections for both my characters! So just read below and feel free to reply or contact me within game. Loe Na - A younger character, he's around 13 and currently lives on the streets of Uldah. One is very likely to run into him and have him attempt to pick pocket the other. His face is covered in scratches and dirt, and he has a mean look to him with narrow golden eyes and messy hair. However, most soon realize he's actually a very timid and troubled young man. He is also very paranoid and untrusting. Loe has a natural affinity for magic, but no one seems to have even thought of teaching him due to his position. Ayleth Abbey - This young man has recently left the shroud after the death of his caretaker, a Hermit named Abigail Abbey. Having spent most of his life deep in the Shroud with minimal contact outside of Abigail, Ayleth is fairly naive to the ways of the world. He's currently offering his services as a tracker and hunter due to his advanced tracking skills. He appears to be very knowledgeable of Conjurer magic, perhaps because Abigail was one as well, but he seems to know a little too much. Plots I'm looking for: -Someone to teach Loe magic (Note: It might be difficult to get the boy's trust at first. He's use to people trying to abuse him) -Someone to show Ayleth the truth of the world. Basically, he currently has a very romantic view of the world -stemming from stories told to him by Abigail. I'd someone to show him the cold cruel reality. -Anything else! I'm game for anything!