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  1. In addition to what everyone and their dog already said (use sad/tragic RP sparingly, too much and it loses its flavour), there's one thing I'd like to mention: Tragic RP works best when you play with people who already know your character well. People who are attached to it, and will feel bad when something bad happens to it, instead of rolling their eyes and going "ugh another emo kid using drama for cheap sympathy". Don't drop your whole tragic baggage on someone with whom you only RPed for two short sessions before. Pacing is important.
  2. Being a roleplayer is not an excuse to suck at the game. It's really not that hard to be at least passably competent. Also, most people I know who are very good at roleplaying are also very good at PVE, and I doubt it's a coincidence.
  3. Don't you know? There's only one undeniably true way to measure the quality of your roleplaying: the less powerful your character is, the better of a roleplayer you are. Nothing else matters. And if your character is anything more special than a moderately skilled sellsword in battered old mail, you might as well be roleplaying Naruto. Final Fantasy? What's Final Fantasy? I thought this is called Game of Thrones Online.
  4. Imo

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    Where are the hats? I demand to see hats.
  5. Everything Hyrist said so far is gold. Though exceptions could be made for mostly harmless low-key crooks and other bad guys who are not villains in a comic book meaning of the word. Well, Ul'dah is more or less under the control of a clown in a mask right now.
  6. There's one elephant in the room that needs to be addressed here: most of the time, the default assumption is that in the end, the bad guys will lose. Therefore, if you want to play a villain, you have to be ready for your character to lose. What's more, this is not a courtesy that will be necessarily shared by your opponents! Some of them may be willing to lose, but most won't. You might have some successes on the way, but unless you're a harmless or funny villain, most hero-type characters will expect to beat you in the end. You have to accept this. If you don't, you should reconsider
  7. Imogene is a free paladin who goes where she's needed. While technically an instructor at Vylbrand Academy, her wandering lifestyle means she runs classes sporadically at best. She used to be in the Flames in her backstory, but left after Ultima Weapon was destroyed.
  8. My guess who'll be #1 was off, though not by much. Congratulations to the winners!
  9. Those two were outcast for being an interracial couple. They didn't even mention being discriminated against for being gay. Do they mention it's interracial? As far as I remember they only say they were discriminated against, and the game lets you draw your own conclusions whether it was because they're gay or different races. Possibly both.
  10. Any kind of "item X costs Z dollars in real life and Y gil in the game, that means 1 dollar = Y/Z gil" math is bound to fail and not make any sense, because the comparative prices of various items varied a lot over history, and a lot of the game prices were pulled out of nowhere anyway. And that's before magic enters the equation. I think the only thing we can agree on is that an average PC/successful adventurer has much more money to spend than an average Eorzean.
  11. Eternal Bond is an euphemism. For all purposes, it's marriage. And I believe that there are some places where homophobia is a thing (there are two gay guys who had to flee their village because other people there didn't approve of their relationship), but in the bigger and more open-minded cities, gay marriage exists. Same with marriage between different races.
  12. So, who won? Any screencaps? I wasn't there for reasons.
  13. Wish I could come, but I'm running a tabletop game at the same time.
  14. Oh, what the hell. Let's do this.
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