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  1. We are opening our doors once more for readings tonight, and what better night for fortune telling than the final night of the 'Blue Moon'? For those of you who are unaware of what exactly that is, it is the rare occurrence of an extra full moon in a month. We'll not see another until 2018. Seems like an auspicious chance, does it not? For those interested in receiving a reading, and want to ensure they get a turn (again, apologies to those who ended up walking away empty handed), simply post here with your character name, or message me (Elear Morierea) ingame. Readings begin at 8:30pm EST, August 1st and will be performed in a 'first come, first served' basis. So be sure to reserve your spot if you're interested! Once the sessions begin, an attendant will be standing by to keep track of patrons waiting. Please check in with that attendant as soon as you arrive to be added to the list so we might be able to keep track of order to be seen. Tonight's attendant will be Elyscia Silverkin In the meantime as you wait, please enjoy our hospitality. Hope to see you there! The Goblet, Ward 3, North Subsection, Lot 35 Waiting List: - None yet
  2. We had a wonderful turn out, and there is a fairly good chance that this will turn in to a repeat event every week. Thanks to all the folks that showed up, and to those of you who didn't get a reading, but would like one... well, see you next week!
  3. A fine rainy Monday afternoon to you all. Few updates: I have Elear's wiki 'bout 80% finished. Looking for more patrons interested in receiving tarot readings. (skeptics are welcome, but not encouraged) Hoping to get my relic plotline fleshed out a little more today. I'll be sure to post some details about it provided I get a chance to work on it. As always, if you have some interest in roleplaying with me... feel free to drop me a tell ingame, or message me here. It doesn't matter if I seem like I might be full-up, there is ALWAYS room for more.
  4. FINALLY got my sketches finished, and scanned. Now I just need to color them.
  5. I'm playing an aspiring doctor sort with a love for tools, tech and documentation. Would love to meet ic'ly, if nothing else. Elear is a little strange, but she is fairly neutral and I have a very open play schedule. I will try to hunt you down.
  6. [align=center][/align] It's been around for awhile, but it is among the 'classics', as far as I am concerned. X-1999 has to be my all time favorite. The TV episodes, not the movie. A CLAMP project, the main theme is two opposing forces that decide the fate of the world, the Dragons of Heaven, and Dragons of Earth. That being said, it follows the fate bestowed to the two leaders of these factions: Shiro Kamui and Monou Fuuma, two friends and initially unwilling puppets in the end of the world...until Kamui unwittingly chooses his side and sets Fuuma spinning full tilt into the opposing path. That is all I will say regarding the series, as it will give plot away.
  7. Been rather nice having an opportunity to level up my harvesting classes and talk with the various folks that have posted on here. With the weekend upon us, I am able to focus a little more on the game than I do during the week and would love to meet some more new folks. I will likely find myself in Ul'dah after a short bit.
  8. Made some updates to the first post so folks don't have to wade through the other pages of the thread for anything that might be important.
  9. Been a little bit since I posted on here. Didn't forget about the folks that posted here but I have yet to respond to ingame... most of ya'll haven't been on at the same time!
  10. I like Tonberries. Spooky lil' guys. After spending the majority of my day in bed, and taking plenty of cold pills... I have to say I am doing much better. I appreciate all the well-wishes, you guys are sweet. I'll be doing a short stent in Ul'dah ic'ly tomorrow if anyone wants to arrange a meeting / get a tarot reading. I'd say now, but I am only online long enough to get my Aethernet points before logging off. Also -- Good grief~!! How do people even keep track of conversations in the Quicksand!?
  11. I'd be all over this as a linkshell given I plan to head into the class when it's released. I already had thoughts of making a fortune teller's linkshell as it is, as it seems to be a popular theme and my character would be all about exchanging tips/tricks and possibly patrons.
  12. Eating dinner helped a little, still waiting for my meds to kick back in. I'm going to log in for a short bit, but not sure how long I'll manage. :sleepy: --- Mmn, it helped for like twenty minutes. Back to bed. T_T
  13. I enjoyed myself a great deal, as well. Not to mention you're very awesome for being so patient with my slow butt, and walking me all the way there. Still not entirely certain why I run like a turtle. All I can attribute it to is a combination of having an old computer, crappy wifi into my room and server lag. x.x - I'm feeling a little better after taking some medicine and napping for a few hours, cold pills are finally starting to kick in. Still very kitteny feeling, but we're going to be doing dinner here shortly so... maybe I will be on after a little while for a short bit. *crosses fingers* Never thought I'd say it, but I have had enough of watching anime and sleeping.
  14. Could be fun to encounter whenever I'm feeling better and return to the game.
  15. I'm sure you'll fit, I'll look to add you next time I'm on if you're on at the same time. That being said, I'm sidelined for a couple days with a cold. Shivers and shakes into sweating, all weak and kitteny with coughing and other icky things. I've just been staying in bed and resting. Very boring and depressing. I hate being sick. I figured I'd drop a note regarding it while I was up taking medicine and trying to force myself to do a couple chores.
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